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Clyde after 1930   Commenting on articles
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Interested in writing for the Clyde History Website?

Writing for Early/Pioneer Family Section (1830-1930)

The goal is to show their contribution to life in Clyde.
1. Accuracy is required in regards to places and dates of birth, death, marriage
 2. Only list those people who were either born in Clyde or lived in Clyde
3. Limit your information to one page (equivalent to A4)
4. Acknowledge your sources eg Family History written by ...
5. Photos are desirable. Please discuss these photos with the editor to ensure that the best  possible quality will be posted on the website.
The editor has suggestions for you on how this can be done.

  Writing for the Who's Who Section
(Landowners and Residents of Clyde 1930-1980)

Your article should have the following features

1. Name, year of birth and date of when he/she came to Clyde.
2. Occupation while in Clyde.
3. Address of residence or property in Clyde eg Derricks Road.
4. Married to whom, names of spouse and children.
5. Contribution to Clyde community life eg member of CFA, Hall Committee,
6. Involvement with wider community - eg Cranbourne Councillor, Lay Preacher, local vet,
7. Something unique about this family /person -
  first person in Clyde to won an award  for.
  Justice of the Peace, president of CWA
  best batsman captain of CFA

Writing for the ANZACS Section
1. Photos
2. Briefly state where he served, how long and any comments he made about life on the ________battle field.
3. How he coped with life after returning to Australia,
eg working with other soldiers,                         
celebrating Anzac Day,
soldier settlement.

  Writing for WW2 Service Men and Women
1. Brief comment about war service- when and where, which part of the armed services.
2. Location, photo, special memories, Post War experiences
eg further training,
impact on his/her life,
member of RSL,                     
how they celebrated Anzac Da

Would you like to know more about Clyde History?

How to Find Clyde Tags in Digitised old Newspapers.
Thousands of news items and announcementsabout Clyde have been recorded in our newspapers. How do you find them?

First Option
1. Trove Home
2. Tags: Select Tags from the Menu.
3. Fill in display options as follows.
         Containing: Clyde 1
         Display only: 3000
4. Click and press: Enter
5. Choose and click an item.
A new window will open. Look to the right of the screen for "Digitised Newspapers" to see the article.
Why not join the tagging team and add to the Clyde list.. Sign up/register and when you find an untagged item about Clyde please record it using the following pattern

Clyde (year) event-name,

Second Option:
Use the Search Box provided by Trove to discover what has been digitised and uploaded to the Trove internet site.

  Help Needed
Are you interested in local history?

1. Can you rewrite the History for Students pages to make them more suitable for primary school children?

2. Would you be interested in searching through the Dandenong Journal, Pakenham Gazette for more historical information about Clyde?

3. Could you read and correct the tags for Clyde in The Argus on line?

Photo ?
Have a good photo for this website about Clyde but it is sligthly damaged?
Contact the editor and your photo could be restored (no fees) and uploaded to the Clyde History website.
If you have a good photo for the website please contact me before you plan to send it.

Family History tools
How can you find out more about your Clyde family history?
This blog site is designed to help you to do just that. Maps, how to locate a Will, find out where they lived etc can be read on this blog site. It is designed for Clyde people

Family History Tools Blog

Contributions and questions about the content of this website can be sent to the website administrator.
  Privacy Concerns
Please contact the editor if you have any any privacy concerns.

Who are the Website Editors?
We are a brother and sister team who are grateful for having lived in Clyde. I attended the Clyde Primary School from 1953-1958 and the local Methodist Sunday School.
My brother John wrote and illustrated the first publication, A Clyde History in 1978.
My parents were active in the CFA, cricket club, School Committee,CWA, Mothers' Club and the 1978 Jubilee Committee for the Clyde Public Hall. My parents were residents of Clyde from 1947- 1996.
I taught at the Cardinia Primary school after I had finished my training at Frankston Teachers College.