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The following table outlines the changes and new content that are in the process of being developed for this website:

Item: Change or New Content

Residents Index (1852-1978) and Map of Clyde. Selecting the name of a resident from the index will display a section of the Map of Clyde showing on which property the resident lived. Each map section will show, in order, the owners or residents who have lived at that property. Basic research has been completed and individual maps are in preparation.
2. Archive of photographs of Clyde houses, pioneer residents activities from Clyde's past.
3. Drawing of Shop operated by James Stewart, boot maker
4. World War 2 Volunteers
5. Fire map for fire in 1944
6. Drawing of St. Germaines
7. Clyde Public Hall after the Jubilee a
8. Sporting Grounds for Cricket, Tennis, Football
9. History of Methodist Church
10. Photo Album of a 1920 Soldier Settler Farmer
11. Life of Inez Hunter- Our "Nellie Melba" -Musician, Soprano and Teacher
12. Cutler - Convict, Constable, and Clyde Farmer
13. Our First Post War immigrants with a focus on the Klein family.
14. Market and flower Gardens
15. Crops - flax, potatoes, hops, barley, wheat, onions
16. Concerts, Talent Quests, entertainment provided by Clyde people
17. Photo Albums Clyde School No 3664 and Clyde North School No 118
18. School Reunions: Clyde North and Clyde
19. Non Agricultural Industries-
20. More about the Life of Alexander Patterson
21. Westernport Pioneers by Thomas Patterson
22. Women Farmers
23. Walker, Mason, Thornell families
24. Sisters Nurses who served in France during World War 1
25. Endangered species
26 Outstanding Individual Achievements
27 Clyde's Firsts. The first person to have .........
28 First Photo of a Clyde Picnic c 1902 and accompanying newspaper reports
29 Charles Wadey - experimental farmer and contract builder
30 Era of 1930's until end of World War 2
31 Era 1950's to 1980's
32 Fires (1944) and floods
33 Manks Family - Kooweerup Swamp, Life of Clyde Shephard Manks
34 Soldier Settlements
35 Debutante Ball photograph and details
36 Our First Post War immigrants with a focus on a Clyde North Dutch family.
37 Girl Guide Company
38 Clyde Drama Club
39 Clyde Football Teams
40 Clyde Tennis Teams
41 Vernon Mullen - soldier blinded in WW1