Hardy Family Story (by Perce Hardy, grandson of Embling Hardy)
2.Hardy Family Children
Hardy Children Born at Clyde
Frank Hardy was born at Clyde on 28th October 1856, Sarah Jane 27th December 1858, Elizabeth 24th September 1862 and William 16th November 1865.

John [William John] Hardy married Sophy [Sophie] Cadd of Clyde. Frank married Lucy Leonard of Brighton. Sarah married William Ibison of Melbourne. Elizabeth did not marry.

William married Ann Poole of Cranbourne. Anne Poole was the elder daughter of George Poole of Cranbourne, who was a member of the original Road's Board and later a member of the first Shire Council of Cranbourne.
Ann Poole's sister married James Facey whose father was Shire Secretary and engineer for Cranbourne Council. Her brother Fred Poole lived most of his life at Tooradin.

Embling Hardy acquired other land at a later period. One block 2-300 acres near Cannon's Creek was known as the
"Clover Farm". It was covered with white clover from front to rear until rabbits made their appearance. In a few years ti-tree, bracken and gums began to take over and the clover was completely eaten out.

Frank Hardy
and his wife lived on this property. Most of his time was spent as a road builder as a contractor. They had one daughter "May"  who died in 1933.

In the early days, Embling Hardy with William Manks and Malloy, a neighbour, ran dry stock on part of Kooweerup Swamp, and later when the Swamp was thrown open for selection, he selected two blocks one for John Hardy and one for Sarah.

John settled on his land and with the help of a family of six sons and five daughters made it one of the best producing farms in the Swamp.

Sarah (Mrs Ibison) died young and her land on Dalmore Road was sold before it was completely cleared and drained.

Sarah Jane Hardy (Mrs William Ibison)
(1858 - 1894)

The Generation Following Embling Hardy

Embling Hardy died aged 56 in 1886. His wife died in 1891 or 1892. Sarah Hardy who had married William Ibison in 1888 lost her husband in 1891 and she herself died shortly after.

After the death of Embling Hardy and later his wife Emily, my father William Hardy carried on the farm at Clyde and married in 1895. He continued mainly in dairying.

They had a family of three boys and one girl: Percival, Roy, Greg and Evelyn (Mrs Mc Farlane).

He retained the property all his life but during that period also farmed a property at Bena 1912-1920 and at Molesworth 1921-1932. He added 55 acres to the original farm by purchasing two adjoining small areas from the estate of Geo Gates and William Mason. 

William Hardy (1865-1941)
Honorary Vet for the Clyde area
Shire Councillor (1909-1921
Shire President (1914-1915)

Public Service of William Hardy
In 1909 William Hardy was elected a Councillor in the Shire of Cranbourne. He was Shire President at the outbreak of the "First World War" in 1914 and in that capacity "swore in" the first men to enlist in the Australian Army from the Shire of Cranbourne.

He retained his seat on the Council until 1921 when he retired, to go to Molesworth. He met with a car accident in 1933 which left him partially crippled until his death.

During his lifetime he, was actively involved in every local organisation, school, church, hall, Progress Association repatriation Committee which helped newly settled Soldier Settlers get a start on their holdings.

During this time he purchased hundreds of head of dairy stock and horses on their behalf, and he and his family in common with other established farmers ploughed the ground and sowed the first crops for almost every Soldier Settler in the district.

In addition, when the nearest veterinary surgeon was in Melbourne; for 40 years he was a honorary vet to farmers from Kooweerup to Lyndhurst, and Berwick to the Coast; and in that time his wide knowledge of stock diseases, injuries, calving and foaling, was the means of saving the lives of hundreds of horses and cattle.

This public service continued until his own death.

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