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Early Clyde Families
1856, HARDY-Embling 56, (1830-1886)
Dairy Farmer, storekeeper, land owner, Sunday School Superintendent

Embling Hardy was born in Birmingham, England 1830 and died at Clyde on 14 May 1886, aged 56.

He was married according to the rites of the Established Church at Kiddminster, Leicestershire on 5 May, 1853 to Emily Gregory of Harborough, Leicestershire. His occupation being, “Baker and Wesleyan Lay Preacher”, and hers stated as, “Servant”.

Emily Hardy died at Clyde on 24 July, 1893 aged 60. Embling and Emily Hardy left Liverpool on 23 May, 1853 aboard the sailing ship “Falcon” and arrived at Melbourne on 19 August, 1853. This move was against the expressed wish of Emily’s father who was against Embling taking his daughter to far off Australia.

Embling Hardy

Their first home was at Diamond Hill near Dandenong where their first child, John, was born.
They moved to Clyde [North] in 1856 and built a house on the south side of Hardy's Road on 20 acres of land. At a later time they built a house on land they purchased north of the same road, (Possibly this land was 156 acres owned by Algernon Lindsay). Hardy transferred 156 acres to one of his brothers who had also come out from England (this property was later sold to John Murphy and later passed to the Dee Family who were their grand children]. Hardy's new property became known as Glenalbyn.

Embling acquired other properties at Cannon's Creek possibly (190 acres in 1881). Hardy carried on dairy Farming and for a short time conducted a small grocery stall. Hardy, William Manks and Malloy all ran dry stock on part of the Great Swamp and Hardy purchased two blocks there when it was opened up in 1875.

Embling and Emily Hardy had five children
1. William John (July 1855 - ) married Sophia Cadd–lived in Clyde for some years and later settled on his father’s land “Cooinda” in Dalmore
2. Frank Embling (1856-1917) married Lucy Leonard and lived at Clyde
3. Sarah Jane (1858 - ??) married William Ibison (      1891)
4. Elizabeth Charlotte (1862 - ?? ) never married
5. William (1865 -1941) married, 1895, Ann Poole (d. 1952), eldest daughter of George Poole

Grandchildren who lived in Clyde
1. May Hardy (          -1933 ) daughter of Frank Embling Hardy
2. Percival Embling Hardy (1896-1985), son of William and Ann (Poole) married Ivy Rankin,
3. Roy Hardy (       ) son of William & Ann Hardy, married Mabel Rankin
5. Gregory Seymour Hardy (1901 - ?) son of William and Ann Hardy, married Nellie Baker
5. Evelyn Ann Hardy (1905- ?? ) daughter of William and Ann Hardy married Mr McFarlane
(Were there any children of John & Sophia Hardy born in Clyde?)

Great Grandchildren who lived in Clyde
1. Robert Hardy (Dec 1923 - ) son of Roy Hardy
2. Evelyn Frances Hardy (April 1933 - ) daughter of Percival Hardy
3. Wilma Joyce (Dec 1936-     ) daughter of Percival Hardy
4. Heather Florence Hardy (1930 - ) daughter of G. Hardy
(Were there any grandchildren of John and Sophia Hardy born in Clyde?)

William Cadd and William Hardy purchased the first reaper/binder (Deering-International Harvester) in the district and also the first seed drill. He also installed the first power driven separator, driven by horseworks. This system could also be altered to operate a chaffcutter.
In 1908 he installed an oil engine to operate the same equipment. In 1910 he installed a milking machine (L.K.G.) one of the first to do so.

For over forty years William Hardy was "honorary vet" to the area and was able to use his wide knowledge of stock diseases, calving and treatment of injuries to assist many farmers to save their stock.
In the years 1909-1921 William was a Shire councillor and President of the Shire from 1914-1915.

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