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1854, LINEHAM-James 77, (1824 - 1901)

Beginning life in Bedfordshire England, James, in May 1848, married Charlotte Ridgway, younger sister of Anthony and William Ridgway who were born in Buckinghamshire.

The Linehams came to Australia in 1848.

They lived at Keilor before going to the Ballarat gold fields where they must have had some success to be able to purchase 160 acres of land at Clyde.The entire family moved to that property by late 1854.


The Lineham's home-similar in appearance to
that of the Clyde North School house.
Photograph courtesy of Dorling Family

Mrs Charlotte Lineham
(nee Ridgway) 1828-1898
Photograph courtesy of Dorling Family

Of the 12 children the eldest was born at Keilor in 1849 and 1850 , two were born on the goldfields and the fourth and remaining children were born at Clyde. Sarah Anne, (Annie)

James Lineham brought property at Clyde diagonally opposite his brother in law, Anthony Ridgway. “Ironbark” was located on the south-eastern corner of Patterson and Clyde-Five Way Road now the site of the Lineham Recreation Reserve.

The Linehams were among the British immigrants who were literate. An evidence of this is that they owned a family Bible.

Not all English migrants of that era could read and write.

Children of James Lineham who lived in Clyde

1. Emma Jane, 76 (1849-1914) m.1871, Gus J. C Aurisch, Harkaway.
2. Susannah, 84 (1850-1935) m.1872, Caulfield North, Henry Beazley, Cardinia
3. Thomas, 68 (1854-1922) lived at the Clyde farm.
4. Maryann, 73 (1856-1928) m.1888, Richmond, Chris Voges
5. Sarah Ann "Annie", 58 (1857-1915) m.1901, Mornington, George Milne
6. William, 52 (1859-1911) m.1905, Fanny Butler, Yallock Farm.
7. Benjamin, 68  (1861-1930) m.1894, Agnes Knott, Yannathan farm.
8. Arabella, 78 (1863-1942) lived all of her life at Clyde.  
9. Charlotte Elizabeth, 85 (1865-1951) lived at Clyde and Melbourne.
10. Anne, 68 (1868-1936) lived most of her life at Clyde.
11. Elizabeth, 95 (1870-1964) lived in Melbourne and Clyde.
12. Frederick Anthony, 68 (1873-1941) m. 1912, Clyde, Grace Evelyn McKay, Clyde


Frederick James Lineham 1914-1977, (son of Frederick and Grace McKay) died at 63 years of age and when the property 'Iron Bank' was sold in March, 1978 it brought to a close 124 years of the Lineham family in Clyde.

At Left: The Lineham dairy with rear of the house on the right.
Photograph courtesy of Dorling Family

The Lineham property gained scientific recognition upon the discovery of a meteorite in the property near Pattersons Road in 1862 during the time of James and Charlotte Lineham. This is referred to as Cranbourne No 2. being one of thirteen meteorites found in the area. Susannah Lineham, who was about 11 years old at the time, remembered how the Aborigines cried when the meteorite was taken away from Clyde. In later life she told this story to her grandchildren Glenda Tait and Jean Hermon.

Grandchildren of James Lineham who lived in Clyde
Frederick James Lineham, 1914 -1977, 63, known  as “Jimmy”  son of Frederick Anthony & Grace Lineham (nee McKay). The Lineham Recreation Reserve at the corner of Patterson and the Clyde-Five-Ways Road was built on land donated by Jimmy Lineham to be a lasting legacy for Clyde and Clyde North people.

Margaret Mary Lineham, 1879-1948, 68, (daughter of Sarah Ann), was raised by her Aunts Arabella, Charlotte, Annie and Elizabeth. She lived in Clyde until she married James Dorling at Clyde North in St Pauls Jubilee Church, 1903.

Great Grandchildren of James Lineham who lived in Clyde
The children of James Alfred and Margaret Mary Dorling (nee Lineham) often stayed with their grand-aunts in Clyde North, attended School No 118 and Sunday School at St Paul’s Anglican church.

Children of Margaret Mary Lineham and James Dorling
2 Walter George Henry DORLING, 64 (1905-1969) m. Marjorie Petschack - Korumburra
3 Charlotte Emily May DORLING, 80 (1907-1987) m. Thomas Kershaw - Korumburra
4 Annie Elizabeth DORLING (1909-? ) m. 1 James Lorkin-Korumburra
m. 2 Jack Donovan-Healsville

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