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1854, SYKES-William 66, (1821-1887)
William and Mary Sykes (nee Jones) arrived in Melbourne aboard “Wallace” in November 1941. Both came from Lancashire, William a shepherd and Mary a housemaid.

Both were 21 years of age when they settled in Brighton. It seems that William gained farming experience there and, before 1849 acquired property.

The Sykes were freehold property owners in the Port Phillip District before Victoria became a State in 1851

Land owned by William Sykes
Copied from Cranbourne Parish Map

(Modern Address 211 Grices Road, Clyde North)
Continuing on from service at the Brighton Wesleyan Methodist church, William Sykes became an earnest local preacher around Dandenong and in Gippsland. It is assumed that Sykes supported Embling Hardy in running the Clyde Wesleyan Methodist Church on the Clyde Berwick Road. He is acknowledged in the official history of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. William Sykes  was one of the  founding trustees of the Cranbourne Cemetery Trust (1857)

1854 William Sykes was among the first people to buy land in Clyde. His family of five children moved to Clyde, about two years later in 1856. Three more boys, including twins,  were born to him. Tragically one twin drowned in a nearby dam.
(see Amazing Local Stories for details)

Newspaper advertisements of sales indicate his success at farming. He purchased further land from Alfred Sikes, T & C Rossiter, and later a block next to Anthony Ridgway .

Following the death of his wife Mary in 1879 his property, Mount John, 710 acres was sold by auction in 1880.
After moving to a Dandenong farm, William married Anne Kinder (1884) and planned his return to Britain. Unexpectedly his story became Australia wide news.
He died at sea in October 1887

10 Children of William and Mary Sykes
John, 61 (1842-1904) m. 1866 Matilda Whitbread
Ann, 86 (1843-1929) m. 1869 George Wymark
William, 41
m. 1876 Julia Moore
Sarah, 53 (1855-1908) m. 1878 James Bullock
Mary, 23 (1850-1873) m. 1871 Charles Cochrane
Eliza, 71
(1852-1923) m 1 1889 William Hallam
      m.2 1914 William Dalton
Alexander, 79 (1854-1933) m. 1881 Mary Banton
Thomas, 84 (1856-1940) m. 1881 Eliza Taylor
James Bickford, 82 (1861-1943) m 1888 Sophia Heath
10 Robert, 10 (1861-1871)  

4 Grand children of William Sykes who born or lived in Clyde

Children of John Sykes & Matilda Sykes (nee Whitbread)
Robert Sykes, (1867- ?)  
Amy Sykes, 85 (1869-1954) m.1894 Frederick Gouldsmith
John Norman Sykes, 70 (1874-1943) m. Annie Goodwin

John Norman Sykes, a founding member of the 1909 Methodist congregation which financed the first public building in Clyde Railway Township.

Children of Alexander & Mary Elizabeth Sykes ( nee Banton)
Robert Andrew Sykes, 84 (1882-1865) Served overseas in WW1

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