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Early Clyde Families
1852, RIDGWAY-Anthony, 68 (1821-1890)

Anthony and Sophia Ridgway
Anthony, b.1821, Buckinghamshire, England d. (69) 27 January 1890 Clyde
Sophia (nee Cadd), b.1826, Buckinghamshire, England d. (78) 30 June 1904 Clyde
Married -1943, Buckinghamshire, England.

Anthony Ridgway was born in Thornborough, Buckinghamshire, England in 1821, and came to this colony with his wife and three children in 1849.
Anthony Ridgway
Employed for a time at Moonee Ponds and then spending two years on the diggings at Ballarat, he settled at Clyde on 312 acres of land, which he purchased (1852) at 18/- and £1 an acre, but which was soon worth £120 an acre. He was engaged in cultivation, dairy farming, maintaining an apiary and breeding thorough-bred stock, long-woolled sheep and cattle.

Anthony Ridgway also played an active part in the early years of the Mornington Farmer's Society. Inspired by Alexander Patterson, he took over 300 prizes at different shows and exhibitions. Among these prizes was the diploma and medal at the Indian and Colonial Exhibition in London, 1886

He contributed to the community by donating land for St Paul’s Church of England, being a member of the School Committee, and a trustee of the Clyde (North) Public Hall and Lending Library.
Sophia Ridgwayappears to also have acted as the local midwife
This extensive family has since played an active role in the affairs of the district, both civic and sporting.

His son, Thomas "Corrie" sold land for the establishment of Clyde Primary School and let his property be used for a cricket ground and tennis court. A daughter, Mrs Mary Ann Stewart sold land for the establishment of the Clyde Methodist Church. Two grandsons who once lived in Clyde, James Stephens and George Churchill, were killed in WW1.

A road in Clyde is named after the Ridgway family and so is one of the ‘houses’ into which students are organised at the Clyde Primary School.

Children of Anthony and Sophia Ridgway
William, 79 (1843-1922) m.1 1870 Clyde, Caroline "Louisa" Thompson
      m.2 1899 Melbourne, Isabella (nee Barnes) Hannan
Elizabeth, 61 (1846-1906) m.1862 Clyde, George Haines, Storekeeper of Clyde
John, 2 (1848-1850)  
John, 89 (1850-1939) m.1878 Colac, Rachel Bartlett
Thomas,16 mths (1852-1854)  
Sarah "Annie" Ann, 77 (1854-1931) m.1880 Clyde, Francis Pye Stephens
Susannah, 58 (1856-1913) Clyde
Charlotte Sophia, 82 (1858-1941) m.1881 Caulfield, Henry Salter
Thomas "Corrie", 88 (1861-1948) m.1 1885 Clyde, Emma Cadd
      m.2 1893 East St Kilda, Sarah (nee Hall) Williams
Mark, 5 yrs 11 mths (1862-1868)  
George, 39 (1864-1904) m.1893 Clyde, at May Villa Ethel Pruden
Martha, 67 (1867-1934) m.1890 Clyde, J. George Churchill
Matthew Mark, 11 wks (1868-1868)  
Mary Ann, 51 (1870-1922) m.1891 Clyde, James Stewart
Mark, 74 (1871-1945) m.1897 Clyde, Amelia Pruden
James "Toby", 74 (1873-1947) Clyde

Grand children of Anthony Ridgway who lived in Clyde
Children of George Ridgway and Ethel A. Pruden
George, 1 day (1894-1894)  
John,1 day (1895-1895)  
Percival Albert "Paddy" Charles, 81 (1896-1978) m.1925 Sarah "Sadie" Marks
George "Geordie", 82 (1898-1980)  
David Hamilton, 74 (1900-1974) m.1 1922 Elizabeth Brewis
      m.2 1962 Patricia Jeffreys
Elsie May, 73 (1902-1975) m.1926 Leon Hardy
Leslie John, 93 (1904-1997) m.1935 Millicent "Millie" Catterson

Children of Mary Ann Ridgway and James Spiers Stewart (1866-1942)
Emma Louise, 4 months (1895-1895)  
Ida Mary Jane Stewart, 89 (1896-1985) m.1917 Thomas Owen
3 Nellie Victoria Stewart, 57 (1901-1958) m.1923 Ralph Hutchins
Andrew John Stewart, 76 (1907-1988) m. Margaret Molyneux

Children of Thomas "Corrie" Ridgway and Emma Cadd
Thomas John Ridgway (1886-1955)  

Children of Thomas "Corrie" Ridgway and Sarah Williams, 83 (nee Hall)
Herbert "Bert" Hall Ridgway, 76 (1895-1971) m.18 Aug 1949 Vida Loveday
Victor Alexander "Al" Ridgway, 98 (1898-1990)  
Ernest Frederick Ridgway, 87 (1900-1989) m.1929 Susie Harrison
Evelyn "Eva" Jane Ridgway (1903-19??) m.1931 H Samuel Gordon
Stella May Ridgway, 81 (1904-1985) m.1926 Thomas Collins
Ada Florence Ridgway, 92 (1906-1998) m.1 1927 Leslie C. McNab
      m.2 Douglas Cowell

Children of Sarah Ann Ridgway and Francis Pye Stephens
James Bennett Stephens, 21 (1895-1917) Killed in Belgium

Children of Martha Ridgway and James George Churchill
George Charles Churchill, 24 (1894-1918) Killed in France
Edith Olive Churchill, 68 (1900-1968) m.1936 William Bone

Great Grandchildren of Anthony and Sophia Ridgway who lived in Clyde.
Children of Stella May Ridgway and Thomas Collins
Dorothy May Collins, 70 (1926-1997) m.1 John H. Twyford ( ? )
      m.2 George Wedmore (?)
Alan Collins, 54 (1929-1984)  

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