A Ridgway Dynasty - Part 5(by a Ridgway Family Historian)
Family Photos

  Above Left
1. George and Ethel Ridgway wedding photograph, 1893.
George Ridgway died in 1904 aged 39. After his death, his seventh child, Leslie, was born. Tom and Sarah Ridgway, who owned the shop in Ballarto Road arranged for widow Mrs Ethel Ridgway to take over the business. Later after the shop had been moved to Railway Road, Ethel Ridgway (nee Pruden) married Maurice Forrest.

Above Right
2. Francis and Sarah Ann 'Annie' Pye Stephens (nee Ridgway) One of their sons, James Stephens, born in Clyde, was killed in Belgium in World War 1.

3. Mary Ann Stewart (nee Ridgway) sold a block of her land for the Methodist Church. Her husband, James, was a bootmaker, owned a small shop, and conducted the mail run in the district. They had three children.

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Ridgway Dynasty

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