A Ridgway Dynasty -Part 2 (by a Ridgway Family Historian)
1852 Anthony Ridgway settles in Clyde
Early in 1852, land described at the time as ‘fine meadowlands’ was surveyed by H.B. Foot. Situated three miles east of Cranbourne, this area known as Clyde, derived its name from the Clyde Water-course which was the natural boundary between the old Mayune and Garem Gam pastoral runs.

A shepherd is said to have cut the name ‘Clyde’ on a tree whilst watering sheep, and the name has been used ever since, although it now more accurately refers to Clyde North-the original Clyde.

Forty-eight allotments of from 36 to 640 acres were offered for sale in Melbourne on the 18th March, 1852, and on the 8th July, 1852, William and Anthony purchased allotment 34 in the Parish of Cranbourne, County of Mornington, consisting of 156 acres, at 18/- per acre ($1.80 per 0.4 hectare).

On the 11th August 1852, Anthony purchased a further 156 acres - allotment 37, at £1.0.0 per acre. It would appear that the time he spent on the goldfields was indeed profitable.


The Ridgway Home, Lot Number 34, on corner of Patterson and Clyde Berwick Road.
Lot Number 37 was located on the west side of the Clyde Berwick Road and on the north side of Ballarto Road

Sometime after purchasing the land, Anthony set about erecting a dwelling, cultivating the land, and planting cash crops of wheat and barley, as well as setting up a dairy-farm and an apiary.

  In 1855 when Thomas Cadd, a younger brother of Sophia emigrated with his wife, Sarah, he was engaged to work on the property, and it was during this year that a daughter Sarah Ann, known later as Annie, was born at Clyde; her birth being followed by that of another daughter, Susannah, in 1856.
Anthony Gave Land for a Church
It was during the ‘sixties that Anthony donated the land believed to have been his vineyard -for the erection of St. Paul’s Church of England. However, this building which was ‘possibly of wattle and daub with a brick facade’ was not erected until the ‘seventies. In the early days, he represented Clyde at Parish Councils. A Wesleyan Church was built on land purchased in 1864 from James Churchill, whose son George was later to marry Anthony and Sophia’s daughter Martha, who was born in 1867

On 21st August 1877, Anthony was amongst the Trustees of the Clyde Public Hall and Lending Library which was eventually opened in 1884. Also in that year, John Ridgway selected his property Clover Farm at Yannathan, where as well as being involved in dairying and cultivation, he was soon grazing thirty head of cattle.

Anthony Ridgway's home.
Construction began in 1882
(Photo has been enhanced)


The Ridgway house as it is today on the
Cranbourne Road. It is a heritage listed property.

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