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1879, TWYFORD-Thomas Archdall 83, J.P.  (1851-1943)
Primary School teacher at Clyde (North) School No. 118 for 36 years, 1879-1915

Thomas Archdall Twyford

Thomas passed his Trained Teachers Certificate end of 1878, and commenced duties at the Clyde North Primary School No. 118 in February 1879, known as the Cranbourne National School. In 1878 the school and attached residence had been rebuilt but it still leaked through the roof and walls when it rained. Thomas wrote numerous letters over the years for repairs to the school and residence.

His initial rent when he commenced was 13 pds. per annum, ($26-00). He was a trustee of the Clyde North Hall, owned land in the district, ran the Post Office and acted as Treasurer of the Shire of Cranbourne.

He was often called as a speaker at functions especially Empire Day. He also organised many charity functions to assist people who suffered a misfortune.

No other teacher is likely to equal his record of service to school and to district.

From Armagh in Ireland, August 1861,Tom Twyford at the age of 10 departed for England with his parents, William and Ellen Twyford, 3 sisters and traveling companion Miss Ellen Dougan. After arriving in Liverpool England, his father, William Twyford, returned to Ireland, never to see young Tom again, and died in Belfast 15 years later. The 4 children, mother and traveling companion embarked for Australia on the 27-8-1861 on board the "Commodore Perry".

Arriving in Melbourne on Dec 8, 1861, the group journeyed to Cranbourne, to the home of Ellen Twyford’s sister, Mrs & Mr McMorran. The next morning she said she was going into Melbourne for the day but was never heard of again until 125 years later. A family historian discovered that Ellen Twyford had died in Ballarat in 1886, 24 years after she arrived in Australia.

The Twyfords owned two properties of several hundred acres in size at Clyde. The one at Clyde Township was called “Hiltonwood” opposite the railway station and “Mallambool” called Aboriginal for reedy waterhole, abutting the railway line as it climbed up the Clyde Bank (banked up earth that lessened the gradient for the railway line). The “Hiltonwood” land had many trees and around the boundary fences were notices reading “Sanctuary for native birds”

Children of Thomas and Florence Twyford 72, (nee Whitmore), 1860-1933

Claude Hilton Twyford, 2, (1882–1884)  
Clarence Whitmore Twyford, 59, (1884-1943) m. 1914 Maria Brumby
Hilda Muriel Twyford, 94, (1885-1979)  
Laura Geraldine Twyford, 7 mths, (1886-1886)  
Trevor Archdall Twyford, 11 mths, (1886-1887)  
Dora Estelle Twyford, 80, (1889 1969) m. 1915 John Stanborough
Marie Ellinor Florence Twyford, 88 (1900-1981)  

Clarence Twyford, an outstanding sportsman and life member of the Clyde Cricket Club. Clarence was an all-rounder who dominated with both bat and ball for 30 years. Scored numerous centuries and opened the bowling for over 20 seasons and won the bowling average for the club in many seasons. Clyde conquered all surrounding teams in  3 successive seasons from 1907-1910 and even played against the MCC (sorry didn’t win this one).
Hilda and Marie Twyford were active in the CWA.

Grandchildren of Thomas Twyford who lived in Clyde
Children of Clarence & Maria Twyford (nee Brumby)
Ian Charles, 85, (1915–2000) m. 1. Selina Merle Luxford, 84, (1920-2004)
m. 2
Annie Florence (1916- ) m. Ernest Le Maitre
Clarence Twyford and his son Ian Twyford acted as JP's in Clyde

Great Grandchildren of Thomas and Florence Twyford who lived in Clyde
Children of Ian & Merle Twyford (nee Luxford)
Still living - two great grandsons and one great grand daughter.

 Twyford Family Photo
Bryan Twyford's Story can be found on the Year 6 History Page under the heading 1950's A boy's story.

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