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Victoria and its Metropolis Past and Present,1888

Written telling the early history of Victoria and paid for by subscriptions of people who entered their stories into the text.

Clyde farmers have been written into history.

"The Publishers feel certain that for the purposes of reference there will be found much value in that important division of the work which registers commercial and industrial establishments, and individual traders and tradesmen.

This in the present ; but in the future such details will be held of the greatest interest. When half a century has passed away, and with it the busy workers of to-day, such faithful and elaborate records will form the materials amid which the historians of that period will find the story of the growth and development of what will then be a mighty nation of ten or fifteen million people.

In every instance here recorded, something has been attempted, something done ; such as they are here described were "the men who made the colony"-its founders and pioneers, and such are now its house-fathers. "

Victoria and its Metropolis-
Past and Present-1888

A copy owned by our grandmother
and source for our first research effort
"A Clyde History"

Thomas CADD
c.1862-bought land in Clyde
Clyde, near Cranbourne, came to Victoria from England in 1855 by the ship Ravenscroft and worked at gardening in Geelong for one year at 12 s per day. He then came to Melbourne, and thence went to Westernport, where he was splitting and clearing until 1867. Next he commenced contracting for the Government and local councils, and has carried on that business ever since. In 1862 he bought land at £ 2.10s an acre, which is now worth £150 an acre, being all laid out in vineyard. He also bought 10 acres at £12, and sold for £2300. He married in 1854, and has a family of nine children.
Victoria and Metropolis  Vol 2, p392

Peter ATKINSON (c1831-1912), 81
c.1865-bought land in Clyde

Came to Victoria in 1854 from England by the ship Eagle. He bought 160 acres of land at Clyde at £12 an acre which is now worth £130 an acre and has also 245 acres at Lang Lang and 208 acres at K.W.R. Swamp, 198 acres at Langwarrin and 44 acres at South Pakenham (Cardinia) making a total of 855 acres on which he is engaged in dairy farming, mostly making butter.
He is married, and has a family of eight children.
Victoria and Metropolis  Vol 2, p390

Francis BRODIE, (1826 -1899 )
c.1864-5 -bought land in Clyde
Was born in Scotland in 1826, and came to Victoria in 1853.
After working on a station for four years, and then at saw-mills in Gippsland for seven years, he turned to farming at Dandenong, where he has 100 acres of land bought at £2 an acre, and now worth £20 an acre. At Pakenham he has selected 160 acres at £1 an acre, and at Clyde has 140 acres. He is engaged in cultivation and dairy farming, the principal article of produce being butter.
He was married in 1864, and has a family of eight children.
Victoria and Metropolis  Vol 2, p 391

Thomas SLEETH (1828 - ?)
1870-bought land in Clyde
Was born in Ireland in 1828, and came to Victoria in 1853, in the ship Charles, of Liverpool. He first went to the Mount Blackwood diggings for five months, and was then engaged in farming for seven years in Berwick. Thence he removed to Clyde, near Cranbourne, and after that he went to his present location (Cardinia), and in 1870 selected 250 acres of land, where he carried on dairy farming, having 55 head of stock, and making butter and cheese. On his property known as 'Cardinia Grove' the land is cleared and subdivided, and his dwelling house was built by, and of bricks made by himself.
He married Margaret Short of Ireland, and has a family of nine children.
Victoria and Metropolis  Vol 2, p 399

Edward BOULD (1849 - ?)
1871-bought land in Clyde
Was born in Adelaide, S.A. in 1849 and came to Victoria when twenty-one years of age. First he worked at the Clyde farm as a farm labourer, and in 1871 selected 114 acres - now valued at £8 per acre at his present location, where he carries on dairy and general farming and grazing, having a stock of 24 head of cattle, and also breeding stock.
Mr. Bould married Miss Caroline Ridgway and has a family of eight children.
Victoria and Metropolis  Vol 2, p391

Thomas LYNCH (1820 - ?)
1872-bought land in Clyde
Was born in Ireland in 1820, and at the age of 14 went on board H.M.S.'Madagascar, where he served for five years. He was then in the merchant service for fourteen years, sailing to Calcutta, Mauritius, Quebec, and other places, and in 1854, he came to Victoria in the ship 'Boomerang'. He has been in the Cranbourne area for thirty years, and in 1872 selected 200 acres of land, on which he is engaged in dairy farming, keeping 60 head of stock, and having his land all cleared. He was married in 1854 to Miss Mary Morrissy, and has a family of six children.
Victoria and Metropolis  Vol 2, p396

Some Clyde residents were descendants of people whose names were listed in this book. Their ancestors had lived in neighbouring districts, eg August Dubberkie - Harkaway,
James Croskell - Frankston, Robert Cam -Cranbourne, John Wenn -Pakenham ,
Ralph Brunt -Officer, John and Henry Thornell

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