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1. Richard Robins' Story

2. Eliza Robins' Story

3. Richard and Elisa's Descendants who lived in Clyde

4. Richard Robins'
Death Sentence

5. Richard Robins' Description

6. Richard Robins'
Convict Record

7. Richard Robins' Death Certificate

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Early Clyde Families
6. Richard Robins' Convict Records

Convict Record for Richard Robins (photo of original)

Convict Record details for Richard Robins

Government Documents about Convicts

Convicts were mustered together to work on government projects eg building bridges, roads. Richard Robins was assigned to Mr Lucas on 31st December 1835.
Source: Convict Records- see website page below

Reports about Convicts in Tasmanian Newspapers


Ticket of Leave

The Couriet Hobart, 20 July 1841

Colonial Secretary's Office, 13th July, 1841.
Tickets-of-leave have been granted to the following
convicts, viz

.....Richard Robins, Lotus.....


Conditional Pardon

The Cornwall Chronicle Launceston, Sat 12 July 1845
(Quoting from the Hobart Town Gazette)

The Lieutenant-Governor having received instructions from her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies, signifying her Majesty's approval of pardons being granted to the undermentioned individuals, on condition that they remain within any one of the Australian Colonies or in New Zealand : his Excellency has directed that their names may he published for general information ; these persons not having committed any offences, since they were recommended to the Queen's mercy, which would disentitle them to the indulgence approved of;
.......Richard Robins, Lotus......

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