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1. Richard Robins' Story

2. Eliza Robins' Story

3. Richard and Elisa's Descendants who lived in Clyde

4. Richard Robins'
Death Sentence

5. Richard Robins' Description

6. Richard Robins'
Convict Record

7. Richard Robins' Death Certificate

8. Teachers' Page

Early Clyde Families
7. Richard Robins' Death Certificate

Death Certificate Richard Robins
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Transcription of Richard Robins Death Certificate-

The Will of Richard Robins can be read online from the website of the Public Records Office of Victoria
1. Click on the following link to find the online search form:.
2. Fill in the details you know about Richard Robins
3. Select Search and see what happens. Keep exploring the hints until you reach the Will of Richard Robins.
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1. Kath Soulsby – Robins Family historian provided copy of this death certificate.