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First Land Owners 1852-1859

Homes and Farms
Significant Homes and Farms
Listed on the Victorian Heritage Data Base or by State Library of Victoria

Ayrhill (Former)

500 Soldiers Road, Clyde North
(Melway 13-H,10)
First Owner:  1888 William Taylor
Now the site for the Hillcrest Christian College.;63182

Tulliallan  (1860)
805 Berwick Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne North
(Melway  131-A,8)
First Owners: Bathe & Perry
Land originally a part of Garem Gam Run;63122

Eyre Court (1886)
211 Grices Road, Cranbourne North,
(Melway 131-G,8)
First Owner: Alfred Sikes;63193

Farm Complex
272 Hardys Road, Clyde North,
(Melway 135 G,4)
First Owner: Land originally a part of the St Germains pastoral property.;63151

Fernlea (1867)
75 Tuckers Road, Clyde. (Melway 135-B,10)
First Owner: Hugh Glass first land owner, Mrs E Tucker owned the first house.
In 1902 Ernest Manks bought "Fernlea";63220

Hill Farm 1 (1852)
415 Clyde-Five Ways Road, Clyde
(Melway 134-J,9)
First Owner: George Sutton first owned the  land, James Gate owned a house in 1860’s
Now location for new housing estate – Pasadena <>;63187

Hill Farm 2 (?)
415 Clyde-Fiveways Road Clyde. (Melway 134 J,9)
First Owner: Unknown;28776

Hill Farm 3
415 Clyde-Fiveways Road, Clyde,
(Melway 134 J,9)
First Owner: Unknown;28777

465 Pattersons Road, Clyde North,
(Melway 135 D, 8)
First Owner: Thomas Cadd;63205

Mayfield (1892)
130 Tuckers Road, Clyde.
(Melway 135-D,5)
First Owner: James McKay
Also known as Wilandra (1890) See Ellinor's Story
More recently known as Fleming's House;63219
Photos taken in 1980 by J T Collins - check with State Library Victoria

First Ridgway Home (1882)
305 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Clyde
(Melway 134-J,7)
First Owner: Anthony Ridgway;63156

St Germains (1890’s)
McCormacks Road, Clyde,
(Melway Key Map 14 P,15)
First Owner: Alexander Patterson;63090

James Stick House (1912)
10 Ballarto Road, Clyde.
(Melway 134-K,12)
First Owner: James Stick;63173

Please inform the editor if your farm/home is linked with early families of Clyde.