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1930 Murder and Suicide

Tragedy on Farm - Husband and Wife Dead

In the front garden of their home at North Clyde, about five miles from Cranbourne at 6 o'clock yesterday morning, Mrs. Lauristina Robinson, aged 62 years, was shot dead by her husband, Henry William Robinson, aged 60 years. Robinson was armed with a shotgun and after having killed his wife, he shot himself dead. The tragedy occurred on a small dairy and mixed farm, which Mrs. Robinson had managed since she and her husband began to live apart about 12 months ago.

Mrs. Robinson was murdered while clearing weeds from the path in the garden in front of her house. Concealed among thick bushes in the garden, her husband fired from a range of about 15 yards. Mrs. Robinson was struck in the head, and she was killed instantly. The sound of the shot was heard by Miss Laurie Robinson, a daughter of the dead woman, who was living on the property with her mother.

Miss Robinson, clad in night attire, rushed through the front door and into the garden.
She found her mother lying dead on the path. As she stooped over her mother another shot was fired and the pellets passed close over her head. Miss Robinson was unable to locate the place from which the shot was fired, and she ran back into the house and returned to the front door with a pistol. Two more shots were fired and Miss Robinson, becoming alarmed, ran to the house of Mr. Thomas Sands, a neighbour Mr Sands, who is a well known pigeon shooter sent his son Harry, to Cranbourne to seek police assistance.

Constable Castles of Cranbourne, hurried to the scene. It was first thought that the murderer of Mrs. Robinson had escaped, and the Dandenong police were requested to send black trackers to assist in the search for him. Shortly after half past 6 o'clock, however, Constable Castles and Mr. R Campbell found Robinson's body lying among thick shrubs in the front garden of Mrs. Robinson's home.  He had been shot the head and in the side of the body near the heart. A shot gun was found in the bushes near the body

So far the police have not discovered the motive for the shooting. Mrs. Robinson was one of the best known residents of the district in which she had lived all her life. She was a sister of Mr. Wanehope (?), auctioneer, of Dandenong. She was keenly interested in the activities of the Australian Women's National League, and was a vice president of the Clyde branch of the Country Women's Association. She was the mother of two daughters and a son. One daughter is employed in the city, and the son lives in Western Australia.

After having separated from his wife Robinson went to live at the house of Mr Harry Turner (?), a neighbour. Mr. Turner told the police that Robinson received a letter on Thursday night which seemed to distress him greatly. When the occupants of Mr Turner's house rose yesterday morning they found that Robinson had left the house

An inquest into the deaths of Robinson and his wife was opened at Cranbourne yesterday afternoon by the deputy coroner(?) (Mr. F. W. Greaves, JP) and adjourned to a date to be fixed It is understood that the funeral of Mrs. Robinson will take place at Berwick this afternoon and that Robinson will be buried at Cranbourne.
The Argus, 13 December 1930, Page 24

Clyde Shooting Tragedy

CRANBOURNE Sunday - The burial took place yesterday of Mrs. Lauristina Robinson, aged 62 years, and her husband, Henry William Robinson, aged 60 years, the victims of the farm tragedy at North Clyde on Friday. Mrs Robinson was shot dead by her husband. who afterwards shot himself dead. Mrs Robinson was buried in the Presbyterian section of the Berwick Cemetery, the Rev. C. Jones of Berwick conducting the service. The burial of William Henry Robinson was in the Cranbourne Cemetery, the Rev. R. J Rowell, Church of   England minister, reading the burial  service.
The Argus, 15 December 1930, Page 14

Deaths of Man and Wife
North Clyde Tragedy.

Finding of Murder and Suicide.

CRANBOURNE. Saturday.- The adjourned inquest into the deaths on December 12 at North Clyde of Henry William Robinson and his wife, Lauristina Robinson, as the result of gunshot wounds was resumed before the deputy coroner (Mr F.W. Greaves, J.P.)

Evidence was given by Laura Wauchope (?) Robinson, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, that quarrels over domestic differences were frequent between Robinson and Mrs Robinson. About 12 months ago Robinson left his wife and daughter on the farm at North Clyde and lived with neighbours. Robinson was a man of violent temper.

Sydney Forbes Robinson, of Toorak, a brother of Henry William Robinson, said that the farm at North Clyde had been bought in Mrs. Robinson's name with Robinson’s money, and that some years later Mrs. Robinson signed a deed of trust which gave then equal shares in the property. In January, 1930, witnessess's brother told him that Mrs Robinson had denied having signed the deed. This was the cause of further estrangements and quarrels.  Mr. Greaves found that Lauristina Robinson was feloniously slain by a shot fired by Henry William Robinson, and that Robinson died from a gun short wound self-inflicted
The Argus, 2 Feb 1931, Page 14