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Clyde and Cardinia Creeks

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Land Features
Native Species : Plants, Birds, Reptiles, Animals
Photos of native species as mentioned in early documents about Clyde

While impossible to list all wildlife here are some samples giving the reader some idea of what was seen by the Bunurong people and the early settlers.

acacia implexa


manna gum
Eucalyptus viminalis

peppermint gum
Eucalyptus radiata

native cherry
Exocarpos cupressiformis
Animals Reptiles and Birds
southern brown bandicoot
Isoodon obesulus

Phascolarctos cinereus


eastern grey kangaroo
Macropus giganteus
grey possum
ringtail possum
Pseudocheirus peregrinus

brown quail
Coturnix ypsilophora
copper head snake
Austrelaps superbus

tiger snake
Notechis scutatus

1. Articles written by early settlers or researchers
2. Wikipedia - photographs and technical terms
3. Cranbourne Botanical Gardens
4. Online digitised newspapers.

Note from Editor: Photos are from Wikipedia. Are readers willing to donate photographs of wildlife found in the Clyde area?

Highly recommended reading and research
1. Cranbourne Botanical Gardens - website http://www.rbg.vic.gov.au/rbg-cranbourne
2. Ron Hateley's book: "The Victorian Bush: its original and natural condition"

With gratitude we acknowledge the traditions of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation who cared for the land and preserved its flora and fauna