Land Features
Cyprus and Pine Groves

Aerial photos of Clyde show the use of cyprus or pine trees for windbreaks. Shade protection for cattle, homes and preventing market garden soil from being airborne to neighbours' properties. The website banner above shows just a few of these groves.

Both primary schools No 118 and No 3664 were planted with conifers on their boundaries. The trees around the Clyde North school were planted by the local CWA in celebration of Victoria's centenary in 1935.

Former Clyde students fondly remember the games played around the gnarled roots and among the pineleaves.The story behind the plantation is still unknown. Looking at old school photos reveals how often the pine trees are in the background.

Property names, Pine Grove (Hunter), The Pines (Hannah Murphy 1920) and Pine Farm (Bullock 1922) indicate the use of conifers for driveways and land borders.

The Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) were planted at "Pine Grove" originally the Ridgway house (1882).
Heritage study of the Ridgway house;63156