Clyde School No 3664
Time Line 1910-80

Head Teacher at the time.
21 June


Education Department gave permission to establish a junior school for classes 1, 2, 3 to be worked as an adjunct to Clyde No. 118
Mr Thomas A. Twyford

13 Oct
1910 School commenced as an adjunct to Clyde No. 118 under guidance of Thomas  A. Twyford.
Mrs McNamara in Charge
of Junior School
1911 Methodist Church leased its building to the school for £7.10.0d per annum.
Miss Constance A. Chauncy
22 Mar


Letter to Minister for Education asking that Clyde School be separate from
Clyde (North) 118
Miss Constance A. Chauncy

31 Mar
1915 All 35 children designated for 3664 officially separated from School No  118
Miss Constance A. Chauncy
1 April
1915 Became an independent school open to all grades
Miss Constance A. Chauncy
1916 Four acres of land purchased from Thomas Ridgway for £112
Miss Agnes Finnin
13 Aug
1917 New school building used for first time  (£501.8.6)
Miss Agnes Finnin
10 July
1918 Name changed from Clyde Township School to Clyde School
Miss Agnes Finnin
23 May
1918 School building officially opened
Miss Agnes Finnin

Sewing Mistress: Miss Inez Hunter applied for this position on a probationary basis and stayed for a life time until 1951.
Miss Agnes Finnin

1922 School Committee bought a piano £90
Mr Leslie J. Edwards
1922 Shelter pavilion was erected
Mr Leslie J. Edwards
28 April
1926 Mr A Wenn, School Committee requested a teacher’s residence
Mr Leslie J. Edwards
1926 School building painted inside and out for £57.9s
Mr Frank E. Myring
28 April
1928 School residence officially opened (£798.15.0)
Mr Frank .E Myring
20 Sep
1930 Won the School District Sports
Mr Frank E. Myring
1931 Won the School District Sports
Mr Frank E. Myring
1936 First Mothers’ Club
Mr Frank E. Myring
1949 Electric Light and power installed for £42
Mr Frederick L. Hall
1949 Bicycle shed constructed for £28.
Mr Frederick L. Hall
1951 Miss Inez Hunter resigned after 34 years of teaching at Clyde
Mr William C. Fuller
1960 Won the School District Sports
Mr Clarence F. Kershaw
1960 Best School garden for Pakenham Inspectorate
Mr Clarence F. Kershaw
10 Aug
1961 Approval obtained to erect new classroom
Mr Clarence F. Kershaw
1959 First full time assistant  “Infant Mistress”
Mr Clarence F. Kershaw
23 Mar
1962 New classroom occupied
Mr Francis J. Corr
1968 Back to Clyde School celebrations
Mr Francis J. Corr
  1980's About this time non-Clyde resident children began attending Clyde School  
    Additional classrooms  
16 Oct 2010 Centenary of School 3664  

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