1910-13 First School Photograph  
Photo Album Clyde 3664

Nineteen children were the first pupils registered at Clyde 3664. Unable to exactly determine who were the first pupils below is a list of possible student in December 1912 and their estimated ages
This photo is taken outside of the Methodist Church, the building in which the school was commenced in 1910 .
David RIDGWAY, (12) Grace Grey CROMB, (10) Percy Morris MCFEETERS,  (8) Sarah HAYNES,  (7)
Harry OWEN, (11) David William McFEETERS, (10) Stella May RIDGWAY, (8) Ada Florence RIDGWAY, (6)
Maria Elizabeth PETERSON, (11) Evelyn Jane RIDGWAY,(9) Leslie John RIDGWAY, (8) Winifred WEST, (6)
Nellie Victoria STEWART,(11) Lily Margarurite CROMB, (9) Gladys Victoria RESCHKE, (8) Andrew John STEWART,  (5)
Elsie May RIDGWAY, (10) Ruby Myrtle CHAPMAN, (9) Edith May WEST, (8) Albert John CUTLER, (5)
Florence Mavina Pearl STICK, (10) Keith Clarence BRUNT, (9) Arthur Wilson MCFEETERS,  (7) Ernest Wilbur CROSSKELL,(5)
Winifred Eva McFEETERS, (10) Francis Lena HAYNES,  (9) Anna Pearl Marriot JOHNSON ,(7)  
Florence Eva NEUMANN, (10) Edith Ionic LIGHTON, (8) Elizabeth Mary CAM, (7)  

Twenty-Five children were in the photo. The School opened in late 1910 and catered for children in preps to grade 3. Mr Twyford supervised the running of the new school conducted in the Clyde Methodist Church.

Some of the children also appear in the 1910 photo of the Clyde North School.
The date of this photo? As it was taken before the arrival of Miss Chauncy in September 1913 the editor concludes that it is between 1911-1913.
The children who also appeared in the Clyde North photo show more physical development in this later photo- possibly a year later than the 1910 photo mentioned above.

Who rode the ponies?
The children who traveled the longest distance to school were Edith and Winifred West
(4 miles) and later the Johnson family (3 miles), Rylands (3 miles) and Lachlan McDonald
(3 miles).
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December 1912 : Newspaper Report
The Methodist church, which is leased by the Education Department for school purposes, presented a gay and festive ap pearance last Friday evening, being the occasion of Mrs. McNamara's school concert. Mrs. McNamara had issued invitations to the parents and a large circle of friends, with the result that the building was well filled. Mr. H. Percival occupied the chair and a very enjoyable programme of 20 items was given, the pupils contribut ing the greater portion. The parents of the performers had reason to feel proud, as all the children acquitted themselves satisfactorily and gave credit to their teacher, who must have spent a lot of time and patience in training the little folk to such a high standard of perfection. The vocal and instrumental items rendered by Miss McDonald and Miss Lloyd, both of Melbourne, were highly appreciated, as was also the semi-comic songs of Mr. Percival. Miss Harris accompanied most of the songs.

After the musical portion of the programme was over the presentation of prizes took place. The scholar had been thoroughly examined by the head teacher (Mr. Twyford) in lieu of the inspector (Mr. Russell) with the following results :-Dux of the 4th Grade, Marie Brunt and Elsie Ridgway (tied) dux of 3rd Grade, Robert James Hugh Smidt, and Mary Moffit (equal); dux of 2nd Grade, Leslie Ridgway; dux of 1st Grade, Sylvia James; kindergarten A., Truen Wilkie; kindergarten B., Andrew Stewart; most improved scholar, Nellie Stewart; best conduct; Winnie McFitties. The prizes were kindly donated by Mrs. Wilkie, Mrs. Forrest, Mrs. McNamara, and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Brunt. After the presentation of prizes the teacher. (Mrs. McNamara) thanked the assenblage for their presence; also Mrs. Stewart for loan of piano, and all the ladies and gentlemen who kindly as sisted to bring the entertainment to such a successful conclusion. Mrs. Forrest proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. McNamara for arranging such an enjoyable evening's entertainment, and remarked that the children were fortunate in hav ing a teacher possessing such capability. Three cheers were then, given for that good lady, after which a delicious supper was served. The singing of the National Anthem brought the meeting to a close

South Bourke and Mornington Journal, 26 December 1912

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