1916 School Photo

Head Teacher: Miss Agnes Finnin 1915-1918
Lower School
From 1916 to late 1917 the Methodist Church building was still used for the school.
Photo from Clyde Primary School Centenary Celebrations Powerpoint display, October 2010
Back Row

Aubery (?) NEUMANN, Charles (?) PICKEN, Arthur (?) DEANSHAW, Andrew STEWART, Wilbur CROSKELL,
Ivan (?) BAILEY
Third Row Lucy (?) CROMB, Unknown Girl 1, Unknown Girl 2, Unknown Girl 3, Alva PITCHER, Sylvie (?) CHAPMAN
Second Row

Edward KENNETT, Ruby KENNETT (unsure ?) , Ruby KENNETT (unsure ?) , Ada RIDGWAY (?), Unknown Girl 4,
Front Row George (?) PICKEN, Edna MATCHETT, Girl SCOTT, Girl SCOTT, Cyril CROSKELL

Comments about the photo
The notes accompanying these were not precise and did not have a name for each child. Initials were given for Christian names and referring to the school roll I was able to add in a name that matched the situation.
Scott Family: Four Scott girls were enrolled in the school in 1915-they were Olive, Mysie, Gladys, Nellie and later in 1917 Jean Elsie started school. The two youngest Gladys (b 1910 ) and Nellie (b 1911) could be the two girls in the front row
Naming Lila Forrest , second from the right in the second front row is a guess based on previous photographs of her. Families who have more details are requested to correct the information I have supplied.
Naming Alva Pitcher, second back row, second from the right.. Of all the children in the above photo she is the one who most resembles Alva Pitcher in Pitcher family photos. The Pitcher family lived in Tuckers Road and the children moved to Clyde North School in 1918.

Who are the other mystery children?
Possibilities include:
Girls: Emily Cam, Mysie Scott, Ada Ridgway, Ruby Chapman, Jessie Forrest, ? Haynes, Alice Haynes, Ethel Tierney
Does your family have any more information about these children?

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