1937 School Photo
Head Teacher: Mr George P Reid,1936-1944, Sewing Mistress: Miss Inez Hunter 1918-1952
(Photo - courtesy of Joy Taylor nee Hale, acquired at the Clyde Picnic in November 2011)
Back Row Miss Inez HUNTER, Elsie THOMAS, Lorna GRIGG, Helen PAGAN, Mr George REID
Third Row Max WENN, Unknown Boy 1, Ned HAVEKIN, Dawn HEATHCOTE, Mavis SMART, Gwen HAYES, Mabel GILLINGHAM, Norman THOMAS, Alan REID, Alan THOMAS
Second Row Lorna GRIGG, Unknown Girl 1, Dorothy GRICE,. Unknown Girl 2, Joan SMART, Kitty WOODHOUSE, Hazel .HALE, Merna HAYES, Shirley HEATHCOTE, Ivy SMART, Helen GRIGG, Joyce HALE
Front Row Unknown Boy 2, Kevin McNABB, Ray WOODHOUSE, Kevin SPENCER, Norman LECHER, Unknown Boy 3, Eric THOMAS, Kenneth THOMAS, Unknown Boy 4, George MIDDLETON
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Clyde 3664 School Photo 1937
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Notes about this photograph
Date of photograph. A guestimate is 1937 as Elsie Thomas (standing next to Miss Hunter) finished primary school in 1937. Elsie does not appear in the 1939 photo
Background: It appears that the children could be standing either next to an orchard or a garden planted by the children.

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