1921 (?) School Photo
Head Teacher: Mr Leslie Edwards 1919-1926, Sewing Mistress: Miss Inez Hunter 1918-1952
Top Row: extreme right hand side- Jack CUTLER
Front Row: Second from Left- Jim CUTLER
(Photo - courtesy of Cutler family member)

Notes about this photograph
Based on the Pupil Register and identification of the two Cutler boys the editor has made a guess that this photo was taken in the early part of 1921. The guess work is that the head teacher is Mr Leslie Edwards and Miss Inez Hunter is the Sewing Mistress.
Andy Stewart left school in Sept 1921 to work in a grocer's shop. There are 36 children in the photo.

Editor's guess: Top row, second from left is Andrew Stewart (son of James Stewart the bootmaker), and boy, 4th from left, is actually a Cutler family member.

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Family names associated with the school in 1921 are
Bailey, Cam, Clink, Cromb, Croskell, Cutler, Deanshaw, Finke, Forrest, Frost, Gardner, Gilmore, Grigg, Hatch, Howard, Manks, Matchett, McGeachin, McLachlan, Milne, Picken, Postle, Reynolds, Ridgway, Robertson, Rooke, Scott, Stewart, Stick, Wallace, Wenn, Wilson, Zenner.

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1921 School Photo Clyde 3664
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