Centenary Day October 2010

The Oldest Pupil who attended the Centenary Celebrations on Saturday October 16, 2010

Mrs Margaret Green cut the Centenary Cake.
She started school in 1928.
Her photo as a student can be seen in some of the 1930's school photographs

Mrs Green's father, George Selway was a Gallipoli Anzac.

2010 Reunion Photos

Significant Buildings
Clyde School No 3664 (1910)

On 24 January 1910 the residents of Clyde township sent a petition to the Minister of Public Instruction, requesting the establishment of a State School in the vicinity of Clyde Railway Station.

Approval was given by the department on 21 June 1910 for the establishment of a junior school for children in classes I.II,III, to be worked as an adjunct of S.S. 118 Clyde.

State School No. 3664 Clyde Railway Station was opened in the Methodist Church building on 13 October 1910 with Thomas Twyford being Head Teacher of both schools and Miss McNamara the Infant Mistress temporarily in charge of the Infant School. In its opening year there were 19 names on the roll with an average attendance of 16 pupils

Further requests to the Department resulted in education for all grades, a block of land, school building, new name for the school and a teacher’s residence. Miss Constance Chauncy became the first head teacher of S.S.3664 Clyde Township.

First Photo of Clyde 3664
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the Clyde School Photo Album
Photo taken outside of the Church .

According to the Clyde School 118 Roll the children from 3664 were enrolled in Clyde North until 31 March 1915.

Thirty-eight children were on the new 1915 Clyde School Roll. In following years the 1918 school building designed to accommodate 60 students must have been crowded.

These registrations justify the request to the Department for a school in Clyde.

New Enrolments - beginners and transferrals 1916-1930


As the Years Rolled By

A new building on the present site was completed during 1918, and occupied on August 13. 1918. The school residence was built in 1928 and the Myrings were its first family. Head Teacher Mr Frank Myring twice lead the school in winning the School District Sports (1930, 1931) a feat that wasn’t to be repeated until 1960.

Throughout the 30's and 40's the number of children attending the school remained stable and required only the employment of a Sewing Mistress in addition to the Head Teacher.

During the 1950’s we welcomed our first post–war migrant families. It was in that decade the extra curricula activities included film days shared with Clyde North Primary School, School District Sports, District Field days in Cranbourne, and visits by Mr Laurie Dyer with his flannel graph board Bible stories for Religious Instruction. The annual highlight was the Christmas Concert in the Clyde Public Hall attended by the town. It was about food, ‘quality entertainment’, Father Christmas and presents!

In 1959 the numbers increased to allow for a full time assistant, so much so that a second room was requested and subsequently built, and opened in 1962.

In 1960 Clyde won the Australian Natives Association prize for the best school garden in the Pakenham Inspectorate.
Added interest in the school was shown by the parents, through School Committee and Mothers Club. The successful ventures at fund raising, undertaken by the Mothers Club have provided out-standing financial assistance to the school and faithful service to the Mother's Club has been given by many in that district.

In 1968 a very successful Back to Clyde School was organized to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of opening the first school building and 450 ex-pupils and residents returned for the occasion. The organizing committee's work on this occasion provided a starting point for celebrating Jubilee anniversary of the Clyde Hall

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Some Questions and Comments
1.Members of the first Clyde School Committee.
On 24 June 1915 the following were in attendance at School Committee Meeting :
Mr C Croskell (Chairman) J Stick, A J McKay, Mrs Neumann and Mrs Forrest.

The meeting on 9 July 1915 was attended by Mr Croskell, Mr Owen, Mr Brunt, A J McKay,
Mrs Neumann and Mrs Forrest
2. Who was the first student to gain Merit Certificate and go to High School?
3. Other notable achievements of past students?  Sporting? Farming?
4. Where did the teachers live before there was a school residence?
5. First student to graduate from Clyde 3664 and complete year 12? Finish university? Become a teacher?  Other?
6. Students from Clyde 3664 who served in the second world war?
7. Teachers’ qualifications and backgrounds?
8. What was it like to be the teacher’s child in Clyde school?


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