The Dandenong Journal
16 April 1936

This district had a share in the many Easter Saturday weddings. At Cranbourne Miss Muriel Harris, of Lisbaun, was married to Mr. Dawson, of tbe Education Department, now stationed at Lisbaun

Significant Buildings
1924 Lisbaun School No 4196

1931/32 (?) School Photo

Head Teacher: Mr Roy Argill
Photo: Courtesy of Mrs Heather Hysted (nee Dolan) formerly of Cardinia
Christmas Breakup Party 1931 or 32
Back Row
Middle Row Arthur DOLAN, Fred CHASEMORE, Mabel TURNER, Unknown Girl, Margaret CHASEMORE, Les DOLAN
Front Row Richard CHASEMORE, Daltry CHASEMORE, Jack HARRIS,
Centre Front Unknown

Pat & John Howard, were twins,

January 13, 1924 until August 8, 1937

Being on the border (Cardinia Creek) between Clyde and Cardina both townships acknowledge this school as being a part of their histories.

After subdivision of part of the St Germains estate in 1906, the local population growth meant the erection of a school nearby on the Ballarto Road SS 3689 (later Cardinia). Another school associated with the land was the Lisbaun School SS 4196 which was sought by the owner of St Germains, E. McCormack, on behalf of the residents at Cardinia Creek. He leased a 4 room cottage at  £ 7.10,Od. per annum on the farm for use as a full-time school from 1924. The school was closed in 1937.

The Committee for the school was C.E. McCormick and W.J. Harris. Lisbaun is also the name of a town in County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

The initial application for a school was made in 1922. when Mr. C. McCormick and seven other residents petitioned the Education Department through the Hon. F. Groves M.L.A.

Although some of the prospective pupils resided within three miles of the Cardinia School. the state of the roads in winter rendered it inaccessible.

The matter was referred to the District Inspector. Mr. J. Cross. who found that the circumstances did not warrant a school: many were already attending a school and several were receiving conveyance allowance to Clyde North School.

However. the following year, District Inspector A. Burgess, recommended the establishment of a school in the area as "Most of the children ... attend existing schools but have to go considerable distances along bad roads...

With a probable average attendance of 30, the school was to be established under the name Lisbaun to avoid confusion with an existing St. Germains school in another part of Victoria. Prospective pupils were Albert and George Cam, five Nichols children. four from the Hutchin Family. Kerslake .. five. Harris.. three. Crowley . . three. Leatch .. one, and two McCormick children.

Mr. McCormick supplied a four roomed cottage on the property for lease at £7.10 per annum and the school opened in February 1924 with Miss Emily Kennedy as Head Teacher . Mr. C. McCormick was president of the School Board and W. Harris the correspondent.

By 1935 the nett enrolment at Lisbaun and Officedale schools was 10, and a further fall in attendance was predicted. The two schools were made half time schools in 1936. In May that year the enrolment was 7 and the school closed on April 19th 1937. Children listed on the roll then were Margaret Harris. Bernard Milroy. Daltry Chasemore and Joyce Alexander, Richard and Bonny Chasemore.

List of Lisbaun Head Teachers:
Miss Emily Kennedy. Miss Jessie Reid, 1924-26
Miss Ilma Stirling, 1926-27
Mr William Corrie, 1927-30
Mr William Argall, 1930-32
Mr Robert Taylor, 1932-35
Mr Stewart Dawson,1935-36
Mr Clifford Stafford, 1936-37

Dandenong Journal 17 October 2929
1929 Prize Winning students from Lisbaun
At the Cranbourne Exhibition of school work Lisbaun scored first place in the under 50 class. Pastel design; Grades 3 and 4: - F. Chasemore (Lisbaun) 1,.
Grades 1 and 2:   - Margaret Chasemore (Lishaun) 1,
Map of France, Grades 7 and 8; - June Harris (Lisbaun) 1,
Map of England, Grades 5 and 6:- -Betty Harris (Lisbaun) 1,
Home work, Grades 3 and 4; - Charlie Chasemore (Lisbaun) 3.

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1. Are there any more stories of teachers or pupils at Lisbaun School?

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