Significant Buildings
Hillcrest Christian College, Clyde North (1996)

Hillcrest Christian College, Soldiers Road, Clyde North looking towards the east.
Tree lined Cardinia Creek can be seen in the background

"Hillcrest Christian College was established firstly in 1981. Hillcrest has a rich history spanning over 30 years. While the educational opportunities and facilities have been enriched and enhanced, the core Christian values and commitments remain the same.

Hillcrest began in Nyora and later transferring to the current Clyde North site in 1996. Hillcrest began with approximately 100 students and the l38 acre property was ideal for learning and education.

In 2005 a new principal was appointed to grow the College and to engage in a new strategic direction which would ensure success for the coming years. Under this new direction the College has grown by 100 students each year. In 2013 the school will have an approximate student population of 1,300. "
Adapted from the Hillcrest Website

The school is located at Soldiers Road, Clyde North. Its property extends to the Cardinia Creek where students are involved in environmental studies aimed to restore and revegetate the wildlife corridor along this watercourse.