Significant Buildings
Clyde Railway Station (c1888)

The Clyde Railway Station was built at the time the Great Southern Railway was constructed in 1888.
In 1914-15 when the line was re-graded, the operation of the station was temporarily moved to a location, just south of the Fisheries Road level crossing.

After the re-grading works, the station yards were developed to provide:
The platform at Clyde had a main building, a parcels shed, waiting room and toilets. The main building included the: ticket office, station master's office...and fire-place, signal control room, and, the Selector Train Control equipment.

A shed was located at the southern end of the platform for the storage of equipment used by the rail gang located at Clyde.
The first railway dwelling was built facing Railway Parade/Road opposite Oroya Grove. At a later stage two more houses were built on the railway land opposite the Clyde General Store.
To the north of the platform there was also a pedestrian crossing from Railway Road near to the Public Hall and Mechanics Institute to Twyford Road.
Between the railway houses there was a lane that provided convenient access to the station from the General Store.
A story in relation how convenient the lane was to the General Store, was told to a public event at the Clyde Hall by Mr. Clyde Manks-no stranger to the art of joking and leg-pulling. He reported the demise of Ern Young, the proprietor of the General Store. “Mr. Young asked employee, Don McAleese to run over to the station and collect some important parcels. Don said he wouldn't. Mr. Young was so disappointed with this response that, he ran over himself.”

List of Clyde Railway Staff 1888-1981