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In September 1888 the railway line was opened to Tooradin needing personnel to operate the station and maintain the lines. Some on the list below began in Clyde as railway employees and were later promoted to Station Master.

Name Year Position
William Sawyer 1893 Station Master
J McDowall 1896 Station Master
George William Griffiths 1896 Station Manager
Abraham Cook 1899-1900 Station Master
William Henry Davenport 1903-05 Station Master
Thomas Costello 1903 Station Master
W. T. Lee 1907 Station Master
Robert b. Meikle 1908 Railway Employee
John McGregor 1908-09 Station Master
Richard James 1911 -12 Station Master
Louis Theodore Schmidt 1912 Assistant Station Master
? Green   Railway Employee
Andrew W McFeeter 1911 Railway Employee
Charles William Neumann 1913 Station Master
Leo Reginald Winnell 1914 Railway Employee
Birchnall 1915 Assistant Station Master
F. A O'Donnell 1918 Station Master
Albert I. Robert 1919 Station Master
Percy J Zenner 1920 Station Master
Patrick Boyce 1920 Assistant Station Master
Geoffrey Lewis Duncan 1922 Assistant Station Master
Walter Donaldson 1922 Engine Driver
William H Marr 1923-1930 Station Master
James Payne 1923 Railway Employee
Richard Hart 1923 Linesman
George Coombs 1923-1925 Station Master
Mr Anderson 1924 Station Master - returned soldier
J/F? MCCormack -1925 Assistant Station Master 15 months
C (Clyde?) Onley 1925 Nov Assistant Station Master
Michael John Kelly 1924 Station Master
Harry Shelton 1925 -32 Railway Employee
George C R Onley 1927 Railway Employee
William H. Marr 1928 Station Master
David James Hayes 1928- 40 Railway Employee
Kenneth S Matthews 1930-1933 Assistant Station Master
James Meaney 1930-1933 Station Master
Albert Wenn 1928-31 Railway Employee
George E Spencer 1933 Railway Employee
William J Woodhouse 1933 Railway Porter
Wally Evans 1933 Station Staff
C Hammond 1934 Station Master?
Alan G Wenn 1939 Railway Employee
Alexander R Hamilton 1940 Railway Employee
Stewart W Rae 1940 Railway Employee
George Marsh 1940 Engine Driver
Frederick Haar 1941 Railway Employee
William Garrett 1942 Railway Employee
David Craig 1943 Railway Employee
William Garrett 1946 Railway Employee
Phillip D Pound 1949-1952 Railway Employee
Phillip James Kellet 1949 -1951 Assistant Station Master
William Boyle 1951 Railway Employee
James W Rourke 1952 Railway Employee
Alan R Teague 1953 Assistant Station Master
Hutchinson 1954 Railway Employee
Alan Collins 1954 Railway Employee
Robert G Stuart 1954 Railway Employee
Martin Butler 1956 Railway Employee
James Delbridge 1957 Assistant Station Master
Hans Rady 1957 Railway Employee
Norman Mapleson 1961 Railway Employee
J Bruni 1963 Railway Employee
Mrs Marie Stuart   Station Master

Referring to The Argus newspaper accounts, the Primary School Roll, correspondents, and "A Clyde History" (1978) we've put together this list of many who lived in Clyde and worked on the Great Southern Railway from 1899 to 1981.

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