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Volunteers: The Work Force of Clyde
Lived in Clyde when they enlisted

The editor has attempted to find the men who were working in Clyde before the war or came to Clyde during the war. Forty men volunteered from the town of Clyde for overseas service.

  ALLARS, Sydney George 816
LEE, William 7527
  ALLARS, William Stanley 817
MITCHELL, William Matthew 11832
  BAILEY, Harry Victor 4071
MULLIN, Vernon Isaac 2163
  BATEMAN, Albert 2282
OWEN, John Stanley 6547
  BAILEY, William 3008
OWEN, Herbert 4318
  BELL, Thomas Stanley 3773
OWEN, Thomas William  
  BRIDGEWATER, Frederick John 4079
PETERSON, Frederick Victor 4056
  BRUNET, Harry 52808
PIERSON, Stewart John 14274
  CAREW, Albert Lynn 11675
PITCHER, Claude William Leonard 2552
  CHURCHILL, George Charles 3780
PLOWMAN, Henry Francis 5197
  CROSKELL, Athol Percival 4762
REEVES, Albert Reginald 629
  DEANSHAW, George Alexander 64189
RIDGWAY, Percival Albert Charles 4677
  DEANSHAW, William V80288
RIDGWAY, Thomas John 4175
  FLETCHER, Frank 1133
ROLFE, Alfred John Everard 6458
  FRANCIS, James Thomas 1314
RYLAND, Arthur Anderson 2553
  HARDY, Percival  Embling 64208
SMITH, Bruce 408
  HODGKINSON,  Roy Leigh 11781
SMITH, Hugh Carruthers 405
  HUNTER, William Harold V77477
THOMAS, Hedley Howard 4611
  KENNEDY, Alexander Stewart 2131
WALLACE, George 2832
  KENNETT, Henry 236
WILLIAMS, Thomas Henry 5776

Enlistment standards for the Australian Imperial Force over the course of World War I

Minimum Requirement August 1914 June 1915 April 1917
Age 19 to 38 years 18 to 45 years 18 to 45 years
Height 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) 5 ft (152 cm)
Chest Measurement
(fully expanded)
34 in (86 cm)

33 in (84 cm)

33 in (84 cm)

Want to know more about these forty Volunteers?

Their relationships
Four Sets of Brothers Allars, Deanshaw, Bailey, Smith
Cousins George Churchill and Percy Albert Ridgway, Thomas John Ridgway
(all have the same grandfather, Anthony Ridgway)
Step brothers Thomas Williams and Thomas Ridgway.
Single Thirty-five men
Married Men

Five. Which also means 16 children from 5 familes, were without their fathers for several years with mothers trying to manage farms and provide food for their children.
One father had 5 children of whom one was an invalid.

They represented 24 families (parents or wives and children)  who were living in Clyde.

Which Churches did they claim to belong to?
Church of England /Anglican (23) Presbyterian ( 9 ) Methodist (7) Church of Christ (1)

Why was this important information?
Each religious grouping had a padre, a spiritual counsellor for men who faced fear, death, traumas, and personal problems. When possble they tried to be with a seriously injured soldier who was about to die.
Funerals and church services were conducted by padres.They also wrote letters home to comfort parents when a soldier had been killed. Padres still have a significant role in military service in the 21st century.

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How old were they when they enlisted?
The youngest to enlist was 18 yrs 4 months and the oldest was 42 yrs 4 months.
Five of these men were 18 years old, two were 19, twenty four were in their 20’s,  seven were in their 30’s and two were in their 40 ‘s.
One lowered his age while another increased his age in order to successfully enlist.
Their average as was 25 years.


What were their occupations?
Twenty-one men (52%) were directly involved in farming, either owning farms or working on farms, another eight claimed to be labourers and the remaining eleven men stated that their occupations or trades were as follows:
carpenter, chaff cutter, coach painter, dairy produce merchant, engine driver, driver  rabbit trapper, farrier / general smith, grocer's assistant, plumber and storeman/farmer

How tall and heavy were they?
Average weight         138.9 lbs (9st 9lbs) / 62.9 kg
Average height          5ft 6in / 170.2 cm

Weights ranged from  8 st / 50.8 kg to 12 st / 76.3 kg
Heights ranged from 5ft 2 / 157.4 cm to  6ft 2in / 187.9 cm


Where did they serve?
Western Front             31
Middle East ( Egypt, Israel, Gallipoli) 5
Middle East then Western Front        1

When did they come home?
Four were medically discharged and returned to Australia in 1917.
Seven were discharged  or returned to Australia in 1918 while the remainder or the men  (20) returned in 1919 the exception being that one came back later in 1920.


How many returned to live and work in Clyde after the war?
We can’t be certain of how many returned to live in Clyde. It seems that about 25 came back.. Some may have worked for a short time here before moving off to start new lives in other parts of  Victoria.

Was anyone rejected for military service?
Three Clyde men were honorably discharged from entering overseas service. Two were demobilised as they were among the last to enlist and the Armistice took place while these men were in training camp.
Another, it was discovered had a congentical heart defect and was medically discharged. Amazingly so he lived until he was in his nineties.

Did any of them travel together to the war front?

Ship Name

Boarding Date

Clyde Men who traveled on this ship
Euripides 10 May 1915 Frank Fletcher, Fred Peterson
Wiltshire 07 March 1916 Harry Bailey, Fred Bridgewater, Athol Croskell, Thomas Ridgway
Ascanius 27 May 1916 Sydney and  Stan Allars
Persic 03 June 1916 Bruce and Hugh Smith
Afric 05 June 1916 William Mitchell, Albert Carew, Roy Hodgkinson
Wandilla 06 June 1916 Alex Kennedy, Henry Kennett,
Shropshire 25 Sept 1916 Claude Pitcher, Arthur Ryland,
Port Darwin 14 Sept 1918 George Deanshaw, Percival Hardy

Your Help Needed
Are you related to any of Clyde's World War 1 Anzacs?
Is the name of your uncle or grandfather missing from this list?
Do you have any more details? A photo perhaps? A story about their war experiences?
Did any of the Clyde women enlist for service in World War1?
Can you confirm that the above service personnel were living in Clyde at the time of enlistment?

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