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World War 1: Clyde's Roll of Honor
Clyde North State School 118 and District
In November 2018, This Roll of Honor was relocated to the Clyde Primary School, Oroya Grove, Clyde.

The Names on the Roll of Honor are:
(Editor has added in full names as provided by Cranbourne RSL Archivist)

    SCHOLARS  (Former)
RESIDENTS (Past and Present)
    BRUMBY, Charles
BAILEY, William
    BRODIE, Frederick Arthur
BAILEY, Harry Victor
BELL, Thomas Stanley
    BULLOCK, Thomas
    CADD, Percy John
    CADD, Herbert Thomas
CAREW, Albert Lynn
CHURCHILL, George Charles
CROSKELL, Athol Percival
    CRONIN, George
DEANSHAW, George Alexander
    ESCOTT, Leslie
GRACIE, C. (Frank Valentine)
    HARDY, Percival Embling
FRANCIS, James Thomas
    MANKS, Ernest Alfred
HUNTER, William Harold 
    MANKS, William
    MULLIN, Reginald Isaac
KENNEDY, Alexander Stewart
    MULLIN, Vernon Isaac
    OWEN, Thomas William
LEE, William
    PETERSON, Frederick Victor
LIGHTON, Harold Thomas
    PATTERSON, Alexander Twigg
MITCHELL, William Matthew
    RIDGWAY, James
OWEN, John Stanley
    RIDGWAY, Thomas John
OWEN, Herbert
    RIDGWAY, Percival Albert Charles
PIERSON, Stewart John
SHARP, Henry James Duff
PITCHER, Claude William Leonard
    SHARP, George Raymond
PLOWMAN, Henry Francis
TALBOT, Richard William
REEVES, Albert Reginald
WILLIAMS, Thomas Henry
ROLFE, Alfred John Everard
    WILKIE, Alexander Hector
ROBERTSON, Alfred Henry
RYLAND, Arthur Anderson
THOMAS, Hedley Howard
    KIRKPATRICK, “Birdie” (Nurse)
    LEHMAN, Nora Blanche(Nurse)    
    LEHMANN, Aileen (Nurse)    

X = Supreme Sacrifice , M.M = Military Medal

It has taken almost 18 months to identify all the people represented on this list. We referred to AIF Home Page, National Archives, Australian War Memorial, Red Cross files, newspaper articles and notes from family historians.
The list demonstrated the high rate of volunteering from such a small community and records those who paid the ultimate price for offering themselves for service abroad.

How were the names selected?
The criteria for selecting names appears to be
that the soldier:-
a) was a former pupil at the Clyde North School and had enlisted for war service
b) was an existing resident or former resident who enlisted for service.

Were some names excluded?
Research has shown names of men excluded from the honor roll who had never lived in Clyde, enlisted from elsewhere but their parents were Clyde residents eg
Albert James Biggs (SN2282) and Edgar Percy Biggs (SN 1314)
Colin Forbes Cromb (SN 859)
, whose parents lived on Yallambee Road
Brothers Hamilton Richards (SN 22971) and Henry Harold Richards (SN 2977) enlisted when their father Tom Richards, was a short term Cranbourne resident who then later moved to Clyde.
Others who were excluded were involved in Clyde sports but actually lived in a nearby district eg
William Mervyn Lecky (SN 6612) and James Alexander Lecky  (SN 19922) 
from Officer.
Charles Guy Hobart (SN 2424) from Cardinia. (All mentioned on the Cardinia Roll of Honor.)

Others were residents of Clyde but their lives were embedded in bordering communities eg
The Smith brothers, Hugh Carruthers Smith (SN 405)  and Bruce Smith (SN 408) ,who were involved in the Cardinia community. They lived on the western corner Tooradin Station Road and Ballarto Road. (Included on the Cardinia Roll of Honor)
Syd Allars ( SN 816) and Stan Allars (SN 817), corner of Muddy Gates Lane and Pound Road were involved with the Cardinia people .(Both men's names are included on the Cardinia Roll of Honour)
Arthur Hebert Wall (SN 45926) postal address Clyde, played football for Cardinia and related socially to that community and Included on the Cardinia Honor Roll. His home was actually on the eastern side of Tooradin Station Road, a property rented from Guy Hobart.

It was quite common for residents of Cardinia and Clyde to state their postal address as being the Clyde Post Office. The reason for this could be residents went to the post office to collect their own mail as there were no mail deliveries to homes until the 1960's.

Mystery Men
Albert Bateman (SN 2282) 21 yrs, enlisted giving his Clyde address as J Colgate,a probably relative or employer of this young farm hand.  According to 1916 Electoral Roll John Colgate lived in Clyde, Cranbourne Parish, Dandenong subdivision of Flinders No record of him, as a renter or property owner has been found in the Cranbourne Shire Rate books for that period of time.
(As Albert suffered burns to face and hands during war and was discharged in February 1920)
Frederick John Bridgewater (SN 4079) lived at St Germains with Robert Herkes when he enlisted at 19 years of age for war service in 1915. He was discharged in England and did not return to Clyde after the war. He may have chosen to stay in England as I cannot find any records about him in Australia.

Story behind this Roll of Honor
Notes from Cranbourne RSL records.

This “war to end all wars”or the First World War 1914 – 1918 a century ago and one that Clyde made a contribution.

Those that enlisted were “natural born British subjects” who swore an oath to “resist His Majesty’s enemies and cause His Majesty’s peace to be kept and maintained; and that I will in all matters appertaining to my service faithfully discharge my duty according to law. So help me God.”

After the war during which some 360,000 served and 60,000 made the ultimate sacrifice honour boards and memorials were erected.
The Clyde North Primary School had an honour board listing both Residents and Scholars who served. When this school closed in 1992 the board was presented to the Cranbourne RSL for safekeeping.

The Clyde Primary School has a case mounted on the wall in the staff room to contain honour books. These books are “The Education Departments Record of War Service 1914 – 1918” together with a sister publication for the Second World War 1939 – 1945. A copy of the chapter on memorial is attached as an appendix. Included is a reference to the “Education Gazette” July 1915 to an article by a Mr. Smyth that “I can imagine this roll being produced on each Empire Day and the entries therein read with pride and to the profit to the assembled pupils:..”

There was also “The Department’s War Relief Fund” which was inaugurated on 15th August 1915. In the metropolitan district No. 1 classified under “schools of over 20 pupils” the contribution by school No. 118 Clyde (Clyde North Primary School) was £206.14.2½ and by school No. 3664 Clyde Township was £168.16.5.

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