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Role of Cranbourne Patriotic Association in providing the awards
Gold Medals for Clyde and Cardinia personnel
Illuminated Certificates for Clyde and Cardinia personnel
Cardinia Avenue of Honor
Cranbourne Memorial Avenue of Oak Trees, South Gippsland Highway
District Honor Roll Boards: Clyde, Cranbourne, Berwick-Cranbourne Shire, Cardinia

Cranbourne Patriotic Association
The Cranbourne Red Cross formed at the beginning of the war, reorganised itself in September 1917 into the Cranbourne Patriotic Association to specifically raise funds for soldiers' support. Colaborating with the Cranbourne Shire they financed the production and presentation of the Illuminated Certificates and Gold Medals for military personnel.
Gold Medals were awarded at a special function on Friday October 10, 1919 and Certificates were presented to military personnel in November 1918. The Spanish Influenza pandemic prevented them from awarding these gifts in the same year.

Gold Medal.

Gold Medals were awarded to returned service personnel who had been injured in combat or had brought healing and comfort to our wounded soldiers.

Awarded on Friday 10 October 1919 to the following Clyde residents:

  Sister Aileen Lehman

Middle East and
Western Front
  Sister Norah Blanche Lehman

Middle East and
Western Front
  Arthur Anderson Ryland Western Front
  Claude Willilam Leonard Pitcher Western Front
  Frederick Victor Peterson Western Front
  Thomas Stanley Bell Western Front
  Bruce Smith Western Front

Photo courtesy of Pitcher Family researchers.

Illuminated Certificate
Awarded to all those who enlisted from the Cranbourne Parish/Ward of the Cranbourne Shire.
The following Clyde ( and some Cardinia) WW1 volunteers received certificates in November 1918.

Photo courtesy of Claude Pitcher Family researcher

Clyde people who received certificates

  Sister Aileen Lehman
  Sister Norah B. Lehman.
  Thomas Stanley Bell
  Edgar Percy Biggs
  Albert James Biggs
  Harry Brunet
  Albert Lynn Carew
  Athol  Percival Croskell
  George Alexander Deanshaw
  Percival Embling Hardy
  Alexander Stewart Kennedy
  William Matthews Mitchell
  Herbert Owen
  Frederick Victor Peterson
  Claude Pitcher
  James Ridgway
  Percival Albert Charles Ridgway
  Arthur Anderson Ryland
  George Wallis (Wallace)
Clyde men with social links to Cardinia community
  Albert Reginald Reeves.
  Hugh C. Smith
  Thomas Stanley Bell
  William Stanley Allars
Clyde Men who died as a result of combat.
Certificates presented to their families.
  William Stanley . Allars
  George Charles Churchill
  Frank Fletcher
  Hedley Howard Thomas
  Thomas Henry Williams
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Cardinia Avenue of Honor

The Cardinia community planted trees and shrubs in honor of the following soldiers:
  William. Stanley Allars S. G. Allars C. Andrews
  Thomas Stanley Bell A. C. Duff W. V. H. Duff
  R. Duggan H.R. Hardy A. Henry
  D. Hill Guy. Hobart J.A. Lecky
  M. Lecky William Lee A. Moxon
  E..C. Osborne Alexander Twigg Patterson Albert . Reeves
  George Raymond Sharp Bruce. Smith Hugh . Smith
  A. Wall P. Wenn W. Woods
South Bourke and Mornington Journal , Thursday 19 July 1917,
There was an overlap of local communities at the time. Residents of Clyde who lived nearer to the Cardinia Hall, Church or School joined those groups. Some Cardinia people involved themselves with Clyde sporting activities. Other 'Cardinia' people brought their milk daily to the Clyde station and gave their postal address as being the Clyde Post Office.
Others were pupils at different times at both the Clyde North School and the Cardinia School.

Cranbourne Memorial Oak Trees / South Gippsland Highway
Sister Kirkpatrick (representing Clyde) is remembered in this avenue of oak trees.
Research indicates that a Miss M T Kirkpatrick, known as Birdie, lived in Hampton Park after returning from a time of overseas service.
No other Nurse Kirkpatrick matches the circumstances of being a Cranbourne Shire person as she does.

This beautiful avenue of oak trees (Quercus Robur) was planted in 1919 in honour of those Cranbourne and district sons and daughters who served in World War One, 1914-1918.

Since that time, many more trees have been planted in the avenue to acknowledge those who served in subsequent conflicts.
A plaque was placed beside each tree of the original planting and an official event, organised by the Cranbourne Patriotic Association, was held on 9 August 1919 / to commemorate the planting.
This original part of today’s Avenue consisted of 59 trees representing the men and two nursing sisters who came from the Cranbourne district.
This stone memorial and shelter continues this most worthy remembrance for those Cranbourne and district men and women who served their country with honour.
Source: Monument Australia
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District Rolls of Honor

Cranbourne Presbyterian Church
Fisherman's Cottage Museum
Blog: Casey Cardinia Commemorates: Our War Years

Berwick and Cranbourne Shires,
Honor Roll

Berwick Pakenham Historical Society Museum
85 Princes Hwy, Pakenham Vic 3810

Cardinia Primary School
Cardinia WW1 Roll of Honor
Ballarto Road, Cardinia Vic 3978


Clyde Primary School
Oroya Grove, Clyde, Vic 3978


The Cranbourne Anglican Church, St Johns,
has a Roll of Honor on the church wall.
Of the 25 names listed on that board the following people have links with Clyde : Frederick Victor Peterson and Hamilton Richards

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