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Clyde North School No 118

1858 Committee formed to commence the school
J. Adams, Grazier, Church of England;
E. Malloy, Landowner, Roman Catholic,
J. Lecky, Grazier, Presbyterian.

1863 James Smith Adam, James Lecky, Edward Malloy, Alexander Patterson,
Terence 0'Connor, Joseph George Jennings, John Murphy, Anthony Ridgway

Joseph George Jennings, John Murphy
(Added to the1863 list)
William Manks, Embling Hardy, Richard Robins, Edward North, John Francis Rutter
Thomas George Funston, George Churchill, Henry William Robinson, William Hardy, John Stick, Thomas Owens
Combination of 118 and 3664
Mrs Rose Edith Buchanan, George Churchill, Frederick Hall,. William Hardy,
George Robert Hook, Charles Manks, Henry William Robinson
Arthur Thomas Leadbeater,
George Manks, Charles Manks, William Horton, Philip Dawson,
Frederick Lineham, Robert Campbell, John Gamble
John Gamble (Pres), Frederick Lineham (Sec), Charles Manks (Treas),
Robert Campbell, George Manks, Phillip Dawson, William Horton
Robert Campbell (Pres), Phillip Dawson (Sec), Charles Manks,
George Edward Manks, James Dee, John Clemens Gamble, Frederick Lineham
Robert Campbell, Philip Dawson, Charles Manks (Treas), George Edward Manks, James Dee, John Clemens Gamble, Frederick Lineham
Mr R. Campbell, Mr J. Dee (Pres), Mr J. Gamble (Sec.),Mr C. Manks (Treas)
Mr R. Mellor, Mr G. Manks, , Mr G. Hardy
Mr Mellor (Pres), Mr Brunet (Sec) Mr C. Manks (Treas).
Mr P Hardy ( Pres) , Mr H. Hunter (Sec)
A lady was elected to the Committee, Mrs Brunet
K. Bedwell (Pres), H. Hunter (Sec), Mrs Hunter (Treas), R. Anderson, A. Thompson,
F. Hook, W. Austin
Mr Hook ( Pres). D. McLeod, F. Hook, W. Farquhar, B. Mogg, G. Bell, F. Chasemore,
H. Hunter
F. Hook ( Pres), H. Hunter (Sec), G. Manks, W. Farquhar, G. Bell..
W Harrison, F. Cox.
Mr D. Dee ( Pres), Mr F. Cox (Sec). Mr R. Aitken (Treas) , Mrs Harrison, Mr F. Hook,
Mr 0. Hancock, W. Harrison
Mr D. Dee ( Pres), Mr N. Avard (Sec.), Mr R. Aitken (Treas), Mr W. Harrison, Mr F. Hook, Mr N. Gourley, Mr L. Miller, Mr J. Campbell
Mr H. Sisely (Pres) Mr Dee had resigned and C. Boers joined the Committee.
H. Sisely ( Pres) N. Avard (Sec), R. Aitken (Treas) F. Hook, J. Campbell, C. Flentjar, L. Miller and H. Blundy.
F. Hook ( Pres) H. Blundy ( Sec), R. Aitken (Treas), L. Miller, H. Sisely, J. Campbell,
W Blundy, M. Armstrong, N. Avard.
Mr L. Aarts joined the Committee , Mr Avard having left.
Mr. F. Hook (Pres), Mr H. Sisely (V Pres), Mr H. Blundy ( Sec). Mr R Aitken (Treas)
Mr W. Blundy, Mr N, Cameron, Mr. R Mullett, Mr J. Campbell
1970 Mr F Hook (Pres), H. Blundy (Sec), W. Blundy (Treas). N. Cameron, R Reese,
A. Quinlan, H. Sisely, P. Koopman

Pres = president/chairman Sec = secretary/correspondent, Treas = treasurer

Note: In earlier days the terms Chairman and Correspondent were used for the positions of president and secretary.

Clyde School No. 3664

Cyril Croskell, Thomas Ridgway, Jessie Elizabeth Neumann, John R Kent,
Charles J Picken, Arthur H Cam, George Espie

1922 Allan Cromb, Thomas William Richards, Thomas Ridgway, James Stick,
Clarence Whitmore Twyford, Edwin Vinge, Albert Wenn

1925 John Derrick, Ernest R Manks, William H Marr, Thomas Ridgway, Clarence Twyford, Edwin Vinge, Albert Wenn
1929 A J Mckay and W. J Symonds

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