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Outstanding Achievements (1907-1983)

Batting Aggregate: Alex Duff 1137 runs (av. 162.42)
Gavin Nish 852 runs (av. 94.66)
Guy Hobart 685 runs (av. 68.50)
Highest Individual Score: Alex. Duff 279 v Dandenong
Alex. Duff 229 n.o. v Berwick
Gavin Nish 221 v Rythdale
Bowling Aggregate: Lex Duff 81 wickets (av. 7.11)
Keith Collins 66 wickets (av. 7.62)
Lex Duff 56 wickets (av. 8.60)
Ted Ryan 52 wickets (av. 7.00)
Best Individual Bowling Performance: Keith Collins 13/55 v South Lyndhurst
Lex Duff 13/74 v Dandenong High School
Don Round 12/28 v Heinz

The All-Star Team Before 1960 (1907-1959)
Name / Speciality Comments
Fred Hook Snr. and
Bill Hook

Alex. Duff (Captain)
Legendary batsman whose record speaks for itself. Created many records with the bat in the early 1900's which still stand today. Also, a fine leg spin bowler particularly in his early days. Captain of numerous premiership sides and named as Captain of the "All Stars".
Guy Hobart
Superb opening batsman of the early 1900's who shared many fine opening stands with Alex Duff.
W. McLeod
Batsman/ Bowler
Recruited from Cranbourne, played a vital role in Clyde's early premiership successes as a top order batsman and change bowler.
Norm Beckham
Batsman /Bowler
Consistent top order batsman and fast bowler of the late 1920's and early 30's who was a key member of the premiership teams of the period.
Clarence Twyford
All rounder
Splendid allrounder who dominated with both bat and ball for 30 years. Scored numerous centuries and opened the bowling for 20 odd seasons.
Merv Campbell
Batsman / W. keeper
Dashing batsman of the late 40's and 50's who also doubled
as wicket keeper. Useful leg spin bowler.
C. Stuart
Top bowler of the early 1900's who had his best season in 1907/08 capturing the bowling average.
T. Jones
Fine bowler of the early 1900's who was also a handy late order batsman.
Charlie Perry
Magnificent right arm opening bowler of the late 40's and early 50's whose large frame hurtled the ball down the pitch at great speed.
Lex Duff
Sensational leg spinner of the mid to late 1920's and early 30's who later went to play for Cardinia. Took 81 wickets from 10 games in 1928/29 as an opening bowler, a record which may stand the test of time
H. White
Successful change bowler and hard hitting tailender of the early 1900's. Played in early premiership sides.
Danny Dee
12th Man
All Rounder
Class all rounder of the late 1940's and 5O's who had success with both bat and ball.

The All-Star Team After 1975
Name Comments
Ian Bristow,
Dave Gunther
Shane Sparks
Dave Lovie
Coach/ Bowling
Has played at Clyde for over ten seasons. Three time winner of club blowing aggregate for seasons 1980/81, 1981/82 and 1982/83. Fierce competitor who seems to excel under pressure with both bat and ball. Tremendous fieldsman, particularly at first slip. Club Captain/Coach for season 1992/93.
Bill Blundy
(Vice Captain)
Batsman, Medium pace bowler
All rounder who joined Clyde when the Club resumed competition in 1975 and played through to 1980. Left hand middle order batsman who demonstrated great ability and fighting spirit. Won club batting aggregate award in 1977/78. Fine medium pace bowler who captured many wickets during this period.
Michael King
Opening bowler
Fast right arm opening bowler. Dual club bowling aggregate winner for seasons 1990/91 and 1991/92. Country week representative of 1991/92..
Vinnie Arthur
Left arm opening bowler
Left arm opening bowler who led the Clyde attack during seasons 1982/83 and 1983/84. Always in control of the ball, demonstrated perfect line and length time and time again. Had the ability to cut and swing the ball.
Michael Harmes
12th Man:
Played with Club since early 80's being a member of the 1982/ 83 premiership side. Later developed into an opening/top order batsman who has scored several centuries.
Mark Rossiter
Opening batsman
Consistent left hand opening batsman of the early to mid 1980's scoring many runs. Useful right arm off spinner.
Gavin McGuiness
Aggressive left arm opening quick from the mid 80's onwards with a tremendous ability to turn a game. Country week representative in 1985/86. Won club bowling aggregate in 1987188. Also demonstrated batting ability with a century in `A' grade as an opener.
Gavin Nish
Unquestionably the best batsman at Clyde since the Club reformed in 1975. His record speaks for itself. Useful right arm medium pace bowler and sometimes left arm spinner. Kept wickets during the successful 1982183 season.
Brett Glover
BatsmanĀ  Product of the Under 16's first playing seniors in 1985/86 season. Spent early days as an opening batsman before settling into the first drop position where he scored several centuries. Club batting aggregate winner in season 1988/89. The hook and cover drive are amongst his favourite shots. Has returned to Clyde for 1992/93 after a two year stint at Sub-District Club, Frankston.
Robert Marshall
Opening Batsman
.Dominated during season 1987/88 as an opening batsman winning the club batting aggregate. Used to great effect down the list in following seasons. An attacking batsman with a full array of shots. Superb wicket keeper. Kept up at the stumps to both spinners and quicks.
Ray Carter
Led Club as Captain/Coach for four and a half seasons from l981/82. Steered team to `B' grade premiership in 1982/83. Attacking left hand batsman and deceptive medium pace bowler. Dual winner of club batting aggregate award for seasons 1981/82 and 1984/85. Named as Captain of the "All Star" team.
Shane Sparks
Opening Batsman
Product of Clyde's first junior team from 1977. Developed as an opening batsman who later held middle order position. Country week representative. Coached Club during 1986 and 1986/87. His successor as coach, Dennis Armstrong, utilized his bowling talents to great effect in the late 80's. Club champion of season 1988/89.
The Club Records give details of batting, bowling scores and successes on the field. Therefore it is easy to identify good performances from 1907 until 1993.

1. Clyde Cricket Club History book -Terry Stanley