Who lived on your land?
Grices Road to Thompsons Road 1852-1978
Land Owners, Farmers, Rate Payers, who lived in Clyde


Bwk Berwick   Cnr Corner   SW south west   NE north east
CA Crown Allotments   Rd Road   SE south east   NW north west

1. Crown Allotments (CA)
Crown land surveyed and auctioned in the 1850's was numbered in Clyde from 29 to 72
in the Riding/Parish of Cranbourne. The other large land portions were Nos 71-74 including the earlier pre-emptive runs of Terrence O"Connor and Alexander Patterson.

  2. Property sizes
Most of the original Clyde blocks were
a mile square fitting into the grid indicated on the map below. Have a look at the First Land Owners Map to see this more clearly

Owners, Renters, Residents
CA 28
SW Cnr Glassocks & Pound Rd Rossiter Benjamin, Rossiter TJ & C, Palmer, Strettle, Cam, Cameron, Hall, Newson, Gibb, Halbert, Palfryman
CA 45
Cnr Berwick Cranbourne Rd & Pound Rd & Grices Rd Rossiter T J & C, Palmer, Strettle, Cameron, Gibb, Halbert, Curtis, Palfryman,
CA 46
Cnr Grices Rd & Pound Rd Rossiter T J & C, Sykes William, Manks W, McQuade A, Grice R, Manks E R, Murphy, Gilchrist,
A3 & A4
CA 47

Grices Rd
Sikes Alfred, Mildenhall, Sykes, Grice, Hook, Weinhott, Bell, Carroll, Kinsella, Ferguson
A5 & A6
CA 60A, 60
Cnr Soldiers Rd & Grices Rd Dowling Richard, Chomley R, Hull G, Daly R, White J, Taylor G, Henty, Hofan J, Sharp, Martin, Robertson, Jennings, Chambers, Wilson, Barr,
A5 & A6
CA 61
NE Cnr Soldiers Rd & Thompsons Rd Terrence O'Connor, Patterson T, Cathcart, Robinson, Hillcrest Christian School
Owners, Renters, Residents
CA 29
NW Cnr Thompsons & Berwick– Cranbourne Rd Matheson John, Henderson, Gates, Strettle, Cameron, Hall, Cam, Halbert
CA 44
NE Cnr Thompsons Rd & Berwick Cranbourne Rd Page Joseph, Wisewould, Maidment L, Hill N, Burnside, Stoddart, Gates, Mathieson, Michael F, Dee, Michael, Hardingham
B3, B4, B5
CA 59
NE Cnr Thompsons Rd &
Pound Rd
Sykes William, Grice, Gibb, Turner
CA 30
SW Cnr Berwick-Cranbourne Rd & Thompsons Rd Burnett James, Wisewould, Cameron, Gates, Monk, Cam, Lehman, Kennon, Tyson,
CA 43
SE Cnr Berwick-Cranbourne Rd & Thompsons Rd Moxham James, Hardy, Leamon W, Hardy, Hook, Short, Hardy Hall, Hardy
CA 48
Thompsons Rd & Pound Rd
(Once known as Mollisons Hill)
Feehan Richard, Henderson J, Sykes, Talbot, Hemphill M, Henderson A M, Manks W, Hardy J, Manks H, Campbell J, Burnside R & J, Fisher,
C4, C5, C6
CA 62
Cnr Thompsons Rd & Pound Rd & Smiths Lane Feehan Richard, Smethurst, Martin, Wilson, Chrichton, Ridgway, Brunt, Campbell W & J, Campbell, Quinlan, Gearon,
C7 & C8 D7 & D8
CA 74
Smiths Lane O’Connor Terrence, O'Connor Sarah, Cathcart, Henry, McRae, McCormick, Rose, Smith

Editors Comments:
a. The names indicate who owned, rented, paid rates and lived on the land.
b.To be more precise Family Researchers are advised to check these details with the Electoral Rolls and Cranbourne Rate Books before publishing them in their own histories. In the one year a farmer who lives on his own property might rent further land and therefore pay rates on that rented land.
c. Cranbourne Shire Rate books cover the period 1863-1951 (88 years).
d. The list does not include everyone who ever lived on these properties.
e. About land owners: Some didn't live in Clyde . Others gave their address as Berwick, Beaconsfield or Cranbourne even though they lived in Clyde. The Rate Books list the Real Esate Agents who purchased properties that were later up for sale.

1.Editors' Local knowledge
2. Mr Clyde S Manks and family
3. Cranbourne Shire Rate Books

4. Newspaper articles
5. The Good Country
6. A Clyde History - the original book

7. Genealogy research - Ancestry.com, Victorian Registry Office
8. Land Records in the PROV