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Road Names - North of Pattersons Road

Grices Road (Melway 131-B,7)
Named after Property Owner.
Comment/Explanation: Grice was a Cranbourne Shire Councillor (1894-1903) and Shire President (1898-99).
Richard Grice story is found on the blogsite "Casey Cardinia - links to our past" June 30, 2014

Hardys Road (Melway 135 A,3)
Named after Property Owner Embling Hardy.

McCormicks Road (Melway 14-P,15)
Named after Property Owner
Mr Charles E. McCormick lived at St Germains from 1918-1942. A former superintendent of police. He sponsored the setting up of the Lisbaun school on his property. Earlier documents suggest it was also called St Germains Road.

Pattersons Road (Melway 134 –K,7)
Named after Property Owner Alexander Patterson
Early pastoral pioneer who was a Shire and Road’s Board member. He lived at St Germains.

Pound Road (Melway 131-J,12)
Named because being the Border of Cranbourne Shire.
Comment/Explanation: Pound Road was the outer limit of the Cranbourne Shire with the other side of that road belonging to another Shire. Beyond that road the other shire was responsible for looking after stray animals.
On a 1924 map this road is called St Germains Rd.

Soldiers Road (Melway 131-J,12)
Comment/Explanation: Mr Andrew S Chirnside, of Melville Park,(later Edrington) Berwick, offered a  480 acre property, half a mile from the Berwick township, for the settlement of Beaconsfield returned soldiers. This is the most likely reason for this connecting road between properties to be called Soldiers road.
(http://caseycardinialinkstoourpast.blogspot.com/   Friday 11 March 2011
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954), Thursday 4 April 1918, page 9.)

Thompsons Road (Melway 131- A,11)
Named after property owner Most likely this road is named after Patrick Thompson, a Lyndhurst resident, whose property straddled the road about the time of the formation of the Cranbourne Roads Board. He was a member of this Board and also a trustee for land used by the Cranbourne Presbyterian Church.
On a 1924 map this road is called O'Connors Rd.

Tuckers Road (Melway 135-C,12)
Most likely named after Mrs Margaret Tucker (1832-1902) who lived in "Fernlea" on Tuckers Road. See a reference to her in "Elinor's Story"

Smiths Lane
More information required to confirm the guess that it was named after the following family.
In the 1930's Smith Brothers once lived at the end of Thompsons Road on a property bordered by the Cardinia Creek.
They had a home in Beaconsfield which was located on eastern side of the Cardinia Creek. This information was gleaned by a 1995 recorded interview of Mr Doug Smith, formerly of Sladen Street Cranbourne who was married to Ruby Campbell of Clyde North. Mr Doug Smith was also the first president of the Cranbourne Historical Society.

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