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Road Names - South of Pattersons Road

Bakers Road (Melway 138 K 2)
Named after wife of property owner,
Marjorie Campbell (nee Baker).

Ballarto Road (Melway 134-H,11)
Named because of Property Name?
The word Bullarto, comes from the Aboriginal for “place of plenty”. Land in the area was known as Ballarto.. Probably named during the first survey of Clyde in the 1850’s.The “Ballarto” homestead was south of Ballarto Road on the corner with the South Gippsland Highway. Another reference suggests that "Ballarto" was also the name given to property owned by Dr. J. S. Adams.
(Ref South Bourke and Mornington Journal 1 August 1883)

Beechers Road (Melway 134-J,1)
Named after Property Owner
Mr. W. W. Beecher, a well-known resident of Clyde who served in the South African war. He took an active interest in the Milk Producers' Association, of which for some years he was secretary. He was president of the progress association at the time of his death. He was married with two daughters.

Bells Road (Melway 135-H,9)
Named after Property Owner?
Most likely named after the Bell family.

Campbells Road(Melway 138-K,1)
Named after Property Owner
Mervyn Campbell came to Clyde in 1947 and owned a dairy property formerly known as 'Dalgepa' owned by Mrs Bullock.
In 1959 he subdivided the property into 3 acre blocks and financed the construction of Campbells and Bakers Road for new land buyers.

Derricks Road (Melway 139-B,1)
Named after Property Owner & Shire Councillor
John Derrick. Cranbourne Council member 1927-29. Lived on Moores Rd opposite to where there is now the intersection of Derricks Rd and Moores Road.

Fisheries Road (Melway 134-J,8)
On a 1887 Sherwood map "Fishers Lane' was pencilled in for this road. Sometime after it was known  "Fisherman's Road" but a clerical error changed all of that to Fisheries Road
Now known as Clyde Five-Ways Road. When was this changed? Background?

Graham Road (Melway 139-J,1)
Named after Property Owner? 
More information needed.

Manks Road (Melway 138-H,7)
Named after Property Owner
Most likely named after William Manks who bought property in Dalmore. Refer to Manks Family.

Moores Road (Melway 138-H,3)
Named after Property Owner
Mr Moore used to live on the corner of Moores and Fisheries Rd.

Muddy Gates Lane (Melway 139-K,9)
Named because ? Some Muddy Gates were in the lane? Who owned the Muddy Gates?
Was Gates the name of the property owner who had a muddy entrance to his property?

Tuckers Road (Melway 135-C,12)
Most likely named after Mrs Margaret Tucker (1832-1902) who lived in "Fernlea" on Tuckers Road. See a reference to her in "Elinor's Story"

Yallambee Road (Melway 135-A,12)
Named after Property Name
Name of a property located at the end of Yallambee and Moores Roads. Unsure of the meaning of this Aboriginal word. A similar sounding word ‘Allambee’ means ‘to remain awhile’

McAlpine Road
More Information required

Tooradin Station Road
More Information required

Woods Lane
More Information required

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