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Oroya Grove and Valetta Street (Melway 134-K,11)
Named because ?
Editors's Guess: Oroya and Valetta are also the Maltese names given to Steam Ships that carried mail and passengers between Australia and the UK. SS Valetta was built in Clyde, Scotland about 1857.
These roads were added to Clyde in 1893. Oroya Grove, initially ended at Valetta Street and was extended to Clyde–Five Ways Road to accommodate the new primary school built in 1918.
Further information is needed.

Railway Road (Melway 134-J,10)
Named because it connected the railway to Ballarto and Fisheries Rd.
Originally called Clyde Road.

Ridgway Road (Melway 134-K,12)
Named after Property Owner
Most likely named because one of the Ridgway family members used to live in that street.

Twyfords Road (Melway 134-K,9)
Named after Property Owner
Mr Thomas Archdall Twyford was Head Teacher of Clyde North School and he retired to “Hiltonwood” opposite the Clyde Railway Station.

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