1951 School Photo
Head Teacher: Mr T Duke 1937-1952

1. Merina MAAS 2 Lesley BELL 3 Alida MAAS 4 Janet COX
5 Wendy HOOK 6 Wendy MOGG 7 John VAN den BROEK 8.Joan PAGE.
9. Louis VAN den BROEK 10.Beverly PAGE 11 Leo VAN den ROEK 12 Margery COX
13 Peter MOGG 14 Billy HARRISON 15 Valerie HUNTER 16 Rohan MOGG
17 Frances FARQUAHAR
18. Geoffrey DUKE
19 Elizabeth COX


21 Graeme BELL 22 Nancy HARRISON 23 Terry BELL 24 Pattie HOOK
25 Arnold HEATHCOTE 26 Margaret MANKS    
The Van Den Broek children came to Clyde North School from Holland in June 1951.
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Thank you to Lesley Callinan (Bell) for further names for this photo.

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