1989 School Photo

Head Teacher: Mr Mansfield.
Infant School Teacher: Mrs Charman
(Photo- Clyde North Primary School Collection)
Back Row: Ben RAPLEY, Ivan NIEZGOCKIY, Michael MORLEY,
2nd Back Row Kim GRAY, Kylie ROBERTS, Alison WALKER, Melanie BARLEY, Melanie WALKER, Renee MARTIN,
2nd Front Row

Kasey KEYS, Matthew FLEMING, Campbell MacRAE, Kevin PARRISH, Duncan MacRAE, Simon CARTER,
Front Row

Gerard MCGRATH, Sarah ROBERTS, Sarsha NORRIS, Troy MILLS, Jason LEWIS, Justin ZAFFIRO, Mikaela KEYS, Caitlin SEARLES, Matthew REED
Absent Renee KOBELY, Scott BRADFORD, Kristy BRADFORD
1. First Photo of Clyde North School 1902 followed by photos from 1920's
2. Clyde School No 118 (My Memories) by Keith Escott 1910-12
3. Clyde North Teachers
4. School Committee Members for No. 118

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1. Pupil Registers of Clyde School No 118 and Clyde School No 3664
2. Public Records Office-Victoria : Teachers' Records
3. History of Clyde North School by J. O’Shea
4. Notes adapted from Richard Ryland's letter to the editor.

5. With appreciation to the Carter family for storing these photos since the closure of the school in 1992.