1982 School Photo

Head Teacher: Mr Richard Ryland, for two periods for a total of eight years, 1978-1982 and 1990-1992.
Infant School Teacher: ?
(Photo- courtesy Mr Richard Ryland, the last Head Teacher of this school)
Back Row:

Middle Row Kerry HAGAN, Peter SHANKS, Lisa DIAPER, Jacqui HAGAN, Donna BUSH, John SHANKS
Front Row

Unknown Child, Jason Walker, XXXX HAGAN , Chris VAN NUS, Trevor BUSH, Helen CARTER, Andrew CARTER, Michael CARTER, Dennis EAGLESON, Joanne GODFREY
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Story behind this photograph
Head Teacher, Dick Ryland reminisces.
1982 was.....the year of THE EYES
As the school photographer was coming that day, the kids were all getting a bit silly with the excitement of it all. One girl kept coming in during lunch time to me to tell me with great earnestness that two of the little kids were going to go cross-eyed when the photo was taken. I told her not to worry as boys always talked about silly things like that but never really did them. Then she started coming in to tell me that the boys were actually practicing going cross-eyed.

With my usual infinite patience I tried to calm this girl down each time she came in but she never seemed completely convinced that I understood the gravity of the situation.
As things turned out, I didn’t!

The photographers eventually came and the photo session went off with out a hitch...or so I thought. Can you imagine the horror of not only the teachers but the parents too when the photo came back with these two little kids in the very front row completely cross-eyed? Too late then though. The deed had been done. I felt no need to punish them as I was very sure that their very embarrassed parents would have well and truly taken care of that!

There is a post script to that story.

Just a couple of years ago I rather nervously entered the Cranbourne Police Station on a routine task and was greeted by a young policeman who very efficiently got the form that needed to be filled in, wrote my surname on it and looked at me as if to say ‘Sorry, but I’ve forgotten what your first name was.

Well, I was amazed, and a bit concerned, that this policeman knew my surname. I asked him how on earth he knew my name and with a big grin he stepped back from the counter, threw both arms high into the air and yelled ‘BECAUSE, YOU USED TO BE MY TEACHER!’

It didn’t take long then to place who he was. He was one of two children we had from a magnificent family the father of which was a policeman at Kooweerup and his mother later on joined the force too. We then had a great chat about old times and he proudly introduced me to any other police who were there.

As I left I said that the first thing I was going to do when I got home was to dig out all the old class photos. On hearing this his cheery nature very quickly evaporated and he said that might not be such a good thing to do. This had me completely puzzled but before long he reminded me of the THE EYES incident and his part in it. That’s him on the right.

Never a dull moment in a small country school!

Article by Richard Ryland

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  1982 Clyde North School
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