1956 School Photo
Head Teacher : Frank Gebbie 1953-1956
Photo by courtesy of Margaret Fox (nee Aitken)
Back Row: Patricia HOOK, Unknown Girl 1, Unknown Girl 2, June ANTON, Mary CAMPBELL,
Second Back Row Unknown Boy 1, Unknown Boy 2, Ronny JAMES, Unknown Boy 3, Unknown Boy 4, Geoffrey COX, Ian MILLER,
Second Front Row Unknown Boy 5, Heather HARRISON , Margaret AITKEN, Jennifer ANTON, Jenny BURNS, Norman AVARD
Front Row Unknown Boy 6, Adrian DEE, 7, Ivan HEATHCOTE, Unknown Boy 8
Absent Rosemary Anton
  If you know the names of the 'unknown' children please inform website editor: clydehistory@gmail.com

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1. Pupil Registers of Clyde School No 118 and Clyde School No 3664
2. Public Records Office-Victoria : Teachers' Records
3. Photo supplied by Margaret Fox (nee Aitken) and restored by Brian Fox.