1902 School Photo
Head Teacher : Mr Thomas Twyford 1879-1915
Photo-courtesy Cranbourne Historical Society - Tooradin, Fisherman's Hut Museum
Back Row

Hilda TWYFORD, unknown girl 1, Charles BRUMBY, unknown boy 1, unknown boy 2, unknown girl 2, Grace McKAY,
Hannah THORNELL, Annie BRUMBY, Gertie WERRETT, unknown girl 3, unknown girl 4, unknown girl 4, unknown boy
Middle Row

T A TWYFORD holding Marie TWYFORD, Mrs TWYFORD, unknown girl 5, Edie McKAY, Alice BULLOCK, unknown girl 6, Ethel CHURCHILL, unknown boy 4, unknown boy 5, unknown boy 6, unknown boy 7, unknown boy 8, unknown boy 9.
Front Row None known

Notes about this photograph
Date: Young Marie Twyford was born in 1900. In this photograph, held in her father's arms she seems to be less than three years old. This would date the photo as being between 1902 and 1903.
These children were most likely born between 1887 and 1897

Possibly in the photo but not known
Notes from Jim Lineham
Ellinor SHARP (9-10 yrs old) , (?) PATTERSON, (?) CADD, (?) WALKER,
DORLING (?) Williams
The editor has added in approximate ages for these children.

Who else could you expect to see in this photo?
George Churchill ( 8 ), Bert Ridgway (7), Ida Mary Jane Stewart ( 6), Percy Ridgway (6),
Ridgway and Manks children

Possibly the following children who later enlisted for WW1 service could be in the photo.
Thomas BULLOCK (12), Herbert Thomas CADD (12), Percy HARDY, Fredercik Victor PETERSON, Percy RIDGWAY, Richard William TALBOT,

From 1927 newspaper article on Back to Clyde the following names match up with possibilities of being in this photo.
Gertrude Werrett ( started school in 1895)
Grace McKay and Hannah Thornell ( started school in 1896)
William Cadd (started school in 1894)

It was from among these children that came the volunteers for service in World War 1 and those who were killed eg George Churchill.
For more information please view the Roll of Honor

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