Historical Maps of Clyde

1. Cranbourne 1859-1860?

2. Parish of Sherwood 1857

3. Parish of Sherwood 1858

4. Parish of Cranbourne 1859

5. Sherwood 1887

6. Clyde Township 1889

7. Cranbourne Shire 1924

8. Sherwood 1930

9. Cranbourne Shire 1937


Maps and Roads
Historical Maps of Clyde (1857-1937)

5. Sherwood, County of Mornington (1887)
Clyde, south of Ballarto Road. Fishers Lane (which became Fisheries Road) is pencilled in. No railway line or Clyde railway station.

On the Clyde section of this map you will note:
1. Evidence of discussion around this map as pen and pencil are obvious
2. The railway line had not been built.
3. The land had been surveyed and the names of early owners are acknowledged eg John Bakewell, John Mickle,
4. The Clyde-Five Ways Road is labelled as Fishers Lane.
5. The Electric Telegraph Line has been built along side the South Gippsland Highway

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On this section you'll notice the names of Clyde North people who bought land in Sherwood Parish: Lineham, I Mullin, W Manks, John Hardy, J Rutter, P Atkinson

Source: State Library Victoria