Historical Maps of Clyde

1. Cranbourne 1859-1860?

2. Parish of Sherwood 1857

3. Parish of Sherwood 1858

4. Parish of Cranbourne 1859

5. Sherwood 1887

6. Clyde Township 1889

7. Cranbourne Shire 1924

8. Sherwood 1930

9. Cranbourne Shire 1937


Maps and Roads
Historical Maps of Clyde (1857-1937)

1. Cranbourne, County of Mornington (1859-1860's)
Clyde North properties purchased up until 1859. Image is of a damaged map but is more accurate about early land ownership than other similar maps. Map was printed before the railway line was built

What can we learn from this map?
1. Dates when properties were purchased.
2. Property owners
3. Size of the properties
4. Location of Clyde Creek
5. Road names are not mentioned
6. Largest land owners are Alexander Cameron, Alexander Patterson and Terrence O'Connor.
7. This map was originally owned by Henry J. Mouritz, of 62 Flinders Lane West, Melbourne.
8. The map was printed sometime after 1859 following the October 1859 land sales.
9. First land was purchased on 18th March 1852 by Alexander Cameron and the last blocks were on 24 October 1859 by other buyers

Where is this map stored?
View the following link to see the original map.

Map title: Cranbourne, County of Mornington, Date 188-?, Filename ha000957
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A cleaned up version of this map is below.

Sources: State Library Victoria