Historical Maps of Clyde

1. Cranbourne 1859-1860?

2. Parish of Sherwood 1857

3. Parish of Sherwood 1858

4. Parish of Cranbourne 1859

5. Sherwood 1887

6. Clyde Township 1889

7. Cranbourne Shire 1924

8. Sherwood 1930

9. Cranbourne Shire 1937

Maps and Roads
Historical Maps of Clyde (1857-1937)

8. Sherwood, County of Mornington (1930)
Clyde, south of Ballarto Road. Does not show the 1930 development of Clyde. Indicates land owned by John Bakewell. Kennett's and Radford's are the only people mentioned on this map.
The Bailey Estate is not included.

What we can see in this map
1. While it is dated 1930 the information contained is from about 1919. W Ratford, who owns land on Beechers Road moved to Clyde after WW1 has soldier settler.
2. Details about the Bailey Estate are not included.
3. It shows that John Bakewell owned most of the land.
4. Early landowners are listed from early as 1880's
5.The original map reveals the names of WW1 soldiers who farmed land in nearby areas, eg Sydney G Allars a WW1 soldier from Clyde.

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The map below has been taken from the larger original map.

Map Creator: Victoria. Department of Crown Lands and Survey.
Source: State Library of Victoria