Historical Maps of Clyde

1. Cranbourne 1859-1860?

2. Parish of Sherwood 1857

3. Parish of Sherwood 1858

4. Parish of Cranbourne 1859

5. Sherwood 1887

6. Clyde Township 1889

7. Cranbourne Shire 1924

8. Sherwood 1930

9. Cranbourne Shire 1937

Maps and Roads
Historical Maps of Clyde (1857-1937)

6. Clyde Township (1889)
First Subdivision Sale Notice and Map. Shows back-lanes, Valetta Street and Oroya Grove.

What already was known about this land before the 1889 Auction.
1. The Clyde township was built upon Crown Allottment No 38, originaly owned by Alexander Cameron. He claimed it in May 1854.
2. It measured about a mile square as did many of the early blocks of land in Clyde.

The reverse side of the advertising pamphlet states the following:-
a) Clyde stands on a gentle slope surrounded by some of the richest agricultural and grazing land in Victoria.
b) It is in every way admirably adapted for settlement.
c) It has a Railway Station in its centre which is now open, with a daily service to Melbourne.
d) This is the FIRST SALE
e) The Land subdivided surrounds and adjoins the Station.
f) All the circumstances are favourable for the rapid and permanent growth of the town.
g) The Vendor have purchased some years ago at the figures then ruling can afford to sell at low prices, and intends to let every lot submited by the Auction to go to THE HIGHEST BIDDERS WITHOUT ANY RESERVE.
h) The object of the Sale is more to give an opportunity for settlement and supply a local want than that of realising an immediate profit.
i) Purchases at this sale will practically secure at FIRST PRICE ON THE EASIEST TERMS allotments in the VERY HEAR OF WHAT MUST BECOME AN IMPORTANT BUSINESS CENTRE/
j) And as inthe case of the First Purchasers in other similar centres will, within a few years at most, be able to re-sell at very large profits.

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1.The Clive Pitman family for their copy of the map.
2.Mr Ian Skewes who first alerted me to the newspaper advertisement about this land sale.
3.State Library of Victoria