Early Clyde Families
Mrs Marion Patterson 73, (1816-1889)

"Pioneer Women of Victoria" by Thomas Patterson
PATTERSON, Marion nee McMurtrie (73)
Marion McMurtrie was born at Dalmellinton in Aryshire in Scotland. She was the youngest daughter of David McMurtrie living at that place. In 1849 she travelled to Melbourne to join her brother, another David McMurtrie living there.

Marion McMurtrie was married at the John Knox Church, Swanston Street, to Alexander Patterson a pastoralist of Westernport. Alexander Patterson had acquired St Germains cattle station on the Cardinia Creek in the district in 1848.

Although not very distant from Melbourne as the crow flies, the country was primitive bush abounding in game and the vicinity of the homestead was a favourite camping ground of the  Bunurong Tribe of blacks.

Marion Patterson

After the wedding, they drove from Dandenong and across country to the station, escorted by a cavalcade of riders. In the springy ground nearing the home, the gig was begged up to the axles and a horseman was  sent on ahead to the homestead for another horse and vehicle, to which the Bride was transferred, eventually reaching home safely. Here she was warmly welcomed and 'There was a sound of revelry by night'-- characteristic of these early days. Mrs. Patterson who seemed to have no physical fear, soon adapted herself to her new surroundings.

She capably controlled the household and was a most hospitable hostess. She had a family of 3 sons and one daughter, the eldest son being 81 in the Centenary Year when their aggregate ages reached 305 years.

Mrs. Patterson was for a long time a member and helper in the Cranbourne Presbyterian Church; of which her new husband was one of the founders. She died at St. Germains and was buried in the Cranbourne Cemetery. The Reverend R.W. Rock who visited here in her last short illness wrote of her and published in 'The Messenger' ." She died as she had lived, a true wife, a good mother, an affectionate, steadfast friend and a good Christian. Her influence will last forever.

Mrs. Patterson was a sister of David McMurtrie the oldest elder in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

Recorded by Thomas Patterson, son.

Note: Only five copies of this historical volume were compiled and printed to commemorate the Centenary of Victoria. They have been presented to the Melbourne Public Library, The Historical Society of Victoria, The Mitchell Library Sydney, The Canberra National Library and The British Museum.
With permission of the Patterson Family it has been reproduced on “A Clyde History “ website.
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